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The Paleo Way

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    Sheets | | Some people cant give up their sweet tooth (or they have kids) and they make paleo cookies with nut and coconut flours, and honey or maple syrup. Use...
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    high blood cholesterol levels. (Cordain, The Paleo Diet, 2002, 2011) Another reason is that we eat way too many of the wrong carbohydrates. Our caveman ancestors...
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    intake of dairy products, processed food, refined sugars, grains or legumes (Cordain, 2002, p. 23). Paleo is a way of life and for our ancestors in the Stone Age...
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The Paleolithic Way

Every now and then we 'urbanites' become fed up of our monotonous lifestyle and think to ourselves, "Hmm is the city life really worth it. Maybe I should relocate to my cottage in Alaska". Usually we decide against the idea attributing our decision to the 'comfort' offered by city life. But then again, fact is, we take the term in the colloquial sense. In fact thinking back, living in a box with a defined set of parameters seems far from comfort. For once we should take the bold step and say "Maybe the cottage life is better after all".

The best part about living in a cottage is that the all important issue of 'time management' becomes a trivial issue. People aren't always engaged in a perpetual race versus time. The resonance of clock tower bells or the tick tick of watches no longer has us under its hypnotic spell. We have free will. Time is unmagnified to day and night rather than minutes and seconds (intricacies which are well suited for robots anyways). The abundance of time   (devoted to self) in turn gives opportunity for us to look back. As opposed to city life therefore, cottage life gives us the chance to not only reflect upon our actions but to learn from our mistakes in a thoughtful manner. Also, the plethora of time at one's disposal also teaches one a great deal of patience as there are no deadlines to be met or appointments to be fulfilled. In many ways therefore,   time takes a backseat in our life giving us more room for ourselves.

Another benefit of living in a cottage is one's proximity to nature. The vicinity of a cottage provides a stark contrast to the city streets full of smog and sulfur. Opposed to the havoc created by the sound of blaring horns, nature provides tranquility in the form of the melodious sounds of chirping birds, rippling rivers   and rustling of leaves. Nature in many ways also makes us self reliant. If you reside in a typical cottage (those from the 30's) , you are responsible for doing every...
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