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Grand Unified Theory

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So, I want to preface this by saying, accepting or believing that this is true is entirely up to you. However, by choosing to either believe it or not... by just making that choice, you are just proving my theory as correct; so please wait to pass judgement until you have attempted to apply my theory to any problem that currently exists in the world. I am not a mathematician. I didn't get stellar grades in school, or attend college. I haven't been much for literature since I was forced to be as a child, even though I seem to have a recent attachment to buying books that appear interesting to me, to only have them sit for months, if not years... if not indefinitely.
I digress, here goes nothing...
For the majority of my anonymous life and without my knowledge, I was working on what I can only describe as the "Grand Unified Theory" or "Law of Unification". I shouldn't be so quick to assume that this will ever become a law, for the simple fact that even if it did, I would never be made aware of it. It would start as a theory and it would probably never make much headway during what's left of my life, but I'm hoping it will solve the worlds problems. Namely, I'm hoping it will unify all the religions in the world. Not under one religion but under one idea. The idea that we are all created equal, while as true as it may appear to be, tends to wear on humanity as a whole. This world has become a competition for love; bloodshed has become, like most other fruits of the world, a selfish indulgence of decadence. An abundance the likes of which we have all experiences in one way or another. Do not hate them for this, for you would be hating yourself. They are just ill-informed because, in my opinion, this information has been kept secret. There are numerous texts and clues throughout the world informing us, but even the simplest are "staring us right in the face" yet we choose to deny them in order to continue with our, for lack of a better english word, sinful behavior....


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