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Lab Report

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Testable Question -
How can the Law of Electric Charges be used to determine the charge on an object?
Hypothosis/Prediction -
The Law of Electric Charges can be used to determine the charge of an object because, it tells us how two alike charges such as negative and negative charges will repel eachother. (Same for positive and positive) And it tells us opposites attract. A positive charged object will attract to a negatively charged object when brought closely together.
Equipment and Materials – see page 478 in textbook.
Procedure – see pages 478-479 in textbook.

Rubbing Materials  

Wool Paper Polyester  
Vinyl Attract Attract Attract  
Acetate Attract Attract Repel  
Glass Attract Attract Attract  
Wood Attract Repel Repel  
Ebonite Attract Attract Repel

Step 4 Observation - When bringing the vinyl strip close to the pith ball the vinyl strip became attracted to the pith ball because after rubbing the vinyl strip with wool, it became negatively charged. Then when bringing the negative charged vinyl strip close to the pith ball, they attract to eachother.
Step 7 Observation - I predict when the charged vinyl strip is brought near the pith ball it will attract. This is because vinyl has a stronger tendency to gain electrons according to the 'Electrostatic Series'. So the charges opposite to the charge on the vinyl will shift over in the pith ball to get close to the vinyl and make it attract to eachother.
Analyze and Evaluate
(a) Review Testable Question and your hypothesis. Explain whether your results support your hypothesis. Remember to state your evidence.
My results support my...


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