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Life of Music

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* Accelerando gradually increasing in speed (used as a musical direction).

  * Adagio (esp. as a direction) In slow tempo.
  * Andante (esp. as a direction) In a moderately slow tempo
  * Allegro (esp. as a direction) At a brisk tempo
  * Crescendo A gradual increase in loudness
  * Da capo
    * esp. as a direction) Repeat from the beginning. |

  * Decrescendo     (music) a gradual decrease in loudness
  * Diminuendo             esp. as a direction) With a decrease in loudness.
  * Fermata             A pause of unspecified length on a note or rest.
  * Flat     The flat part of something.
  * Forte       (esp. as a direction) Loud or loudly.
  * Fortissimo   (esp. as a direction) Very loud or loudly.
  * Fortepiano   A piano, esp. of the kind made in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
  * Interval A pause; a break in activity
  * Largo (esp. as a direction) In a slow tempo and dignified in style.
  * Legato In a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks.
  * Major
    * Important, serious, or significant: "the use of drugs is a major problem". |

  * Mano destra Mano Destra is a lesbian art film by the Swiss filmmaker Cleo Uebelmann, released in 1986.
  * Mano sinistra In musical notation, an instruction for the pianist to use the left hand.
  * Messa di voce is a musical technique that involves a gradual crescendo and diminuendo while sustaining a single pitch

  * Mezzo forte (esp. as a direction) Moderately loud.
  * Mezzo piano
    * (esp. as a direction) Moderately soft. |
  * .
  * Minor Lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance
  * Molto (in directions) Very.
  * Octave A series of eight notes occupying the interval between two notes, one having twice or half the frequency of vibration of the other.
  * Piano a musical instrument in which felt-covered hammers, operated from a keyboard, strike the metal strings
  * Pianissimo a passage or movement played in this way.
  * Presto A...


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