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The Broken Impeller Should Be Replaced Quickly

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The primary physical requirement of any Flotation machine   is to disperse finely divided air bubbles throughout the cell. In a machine,which induces its own air, maximum aeration rate is a function of impeller speed. Aeration rate and pulp mixing and circulation rates are inter-related. Machines, which are designed to use an external source of air, such as the DR flotation machine, have a controlled aeration rate so that it can be maximised independently of impeller speed. The mechanism design is critical to ensure effective air-pulp mixing and dispersion within the cell. The low pressure DR flotation machine requires air. An air pipe surrounding the impeller shaft leads directly to the centre of the impeller.Among the objects of this invention are to provide a novel flotation machine and impeller therefor; to provide such a flotation machine in which the tendency for sanding up is materially decreased; to provide such a flotation machine in which the effectiveness and efficiency is increased; to provide such a flotation machine in which the tendency for the pulp level to oscillate is decreased; to provide a novel impeller for a flotation machine; to provide such an impeller which will, with an appropriate stabilizer or diffusion vanes, tend to alleviate the problem of sanding up; and to provide such an impeller which is effective and efficient in operation.
The vanes and fingers include central metal plates reinforced at their outer edges by rods, with the vane plates and vane rods being welded between the impeller plates and the finger plates and finger rods being welded to the lower side of the under plate, to form a skeleton. The impeller skeleton may be covered with rubber, which may be formed to provide the thickness and rounded edges of the vanes and fingers
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