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Anger Mangement

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Anger Management

One of the unhealthiest emotions is our old friend anger.
It has been connected with cancer and it destroys our ability to think clearly. 
What is anger, can it be overcome, and indeed should we even try?

If one were to ask a selection of people what triggers their anger I suspect there would be a wide range of answers. However one thing I am certain of is that whatever the cause, even a single word spoken in anger can leave an impression on a person’s heart that may remain for a long time, and has the ability to ruin the beauty of any relationship.

A famous sage once said, “How can there be peace on earth if the hearts of men are like volcanoes?”   If within the person there can be peace and freedom from anger, only then can they live in harmony with others.  So how can we set about creating that sense of peace within ourselves?

It starts with the realization that we do have the choice to think and feel the way we want to. If we look at what it is that makes us angry we might discover there is nothing that has the power to make us feel this way.  We can only allow something to trigger our anger—the anger is how we respond to some event or somebody.  But because we are so used to reacting on impulse, we forget to choose how we want to feel, and then respond inappropriately, leaving ourselves with angry feelings. 

Have you ever heard someone saying: “I really hate it when you speak like that to me?” Or how about, “How many times do I have to tell you to do it like this?”  One lesson I have learned is that, try as I might, I can never control circumstances, people or situations, as they are constantly changing.  The only thing I can control is the way I choose to respond.  Only I can increase my capacity to tolerate; only I can develop my ability to understand; and only I can nurture my love for others regardless of whether one day they praise me and the next they defame me.  Modern-day life comes with a whole host of challenges. In...


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