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Food Security Bill

  1. Food Security Bill
    The National Food Security Bill 2011 promises a legal right to cheap food for the poorest in the country. While India currently provides subsidized wheat and rice...
  2. Food Security Bill
    the English dailies. For instance, Business Line (March 21, 2013) published an article titled Food Security Bill will torpedo Budget. Another national daily claims...
  3. Food Security Bill
    and what it will mean for India. Edited excerpts: The Wall Street Journal: The food security bill sounds like a positive thing for Indias poor. Is it? P. K. Joshi...
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In Each of these questions, four pairs of words are given. The two words in one of the pairs are related in some way which is different from the relationship between the two words in each of the other three pairs. The pair with a different relationship is your answer

          a) Chair-Table
          b) Dagger-Sword
          c) Pistol-Gun
          d) Window-House
          a) Head-Body
          b) Dog-Cat
          c) Red-Blue
          d) Tiger-wolf
          a) Soldier-Army
          b) Nurse-Doctor
          c) Sailor-Navy
          d) Editorial-Newspaper
          a) Car-Scooter
          b) Goat-Cow
          c) Cap-Dress
          d) Shirt-Coat
          a) Gun-Weapon
          b) Novel-Book
          c) Girl-Female
          d) Peon-Clerk
          a) Wheat-Rice
          b) Stool-Chair
          c) Rose-Lotus
          d) Sword-Weapon
          a) Sun-Moon
          b) Tree-Branch
          c) Apple-Banana
          d) Pen-Book
          a) Floor-Door
          b) Mango-Fruit
          c) River-Boat
          d) Pen-Pencil
          a) Moon-Sun
          b) Mango-Fruit
          c) Aunt-Female
          d) Wolf-Carnivorous
          a) Chair-Furniture
          b) Cat-Mammal
          c) Street-House
          d) Guava-Fruit

11) Kewal sells two tape recorders at the same price. On one he gains 10% and on the other he loses 10%. The total gain or loss in the transaction is a) 1% gain   b) 1% loss   c) No Loss No Gain d) 2% Loss

12) The price of a jewel. Passing through three hands, rises on the whole by 65%. If the first and the second sellers earned 20% and 25% profit respectively, then the profit earned by the third seller is
          a) 20%   b) 15% c) 10% d) 5%

      13)             The cost price of 25 articles is equal to the selling price of   20 articles. The gain percent is...
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