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Global Warming

  1. Global Warming
    to take for the sake of short- term gains? REFERENCES Bernard, H. W. Jr., "Global Warming Unchecked", Indiana Univ. Press, Bloomington, 1993 Broecker, W., Science...
  2. Global Warming
    the ozone layer protects the growth of ocean phytoplankton. Bibliography Bilger, B., Global Warming (1992) Bolin, Bert, et al., The Greenhouse Effect, Climatic...
  3. The Problem Of Global Warming
    extreme winters and storms. The worst is yet to come in this problem of global warming. If the carbon gases are not somehow stopped the greenhouse effect will get...
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Global Warming |
Fact or Myth |
Peatross, Morishita S |
3/23/2012 |

Ongoing debates between Right-Wing Politicians and Climate Scientists are still lingering over the earth’s climate change over the last few decades. Scientists argue that humans’ over consumption of natural gas, oils and fuels that emit carbon dioxide, and produced a layer in the atmosphere preventing the sun’s warmth from radiating back into space. The argument suggests that where the average global temperature would be 0˚F, it is now 59˚F; which has been the cause of changes in ice glaciers and ocean current. These changes in turn have led the sea-level to rise and wipeout communities in flash floods and cause ocean animals to die off in large numbers.
Right-Wing politicians concerned with budget spending and terror around the world, argue that this charade is led by emotion and not enough scientific facts have been produced to focus as much time, money and energy that this initiative would take. A meeting with 160 nations in Kyoto, Japan was held to have nations reduce their carbon footprint 5-7% less than level in 1990; nations struggle to reach an agreement. The Clinton and Bush administration was opposed because they felt it would be in vain if developing countries did not have the same responsibility. As a result many other nations did not sign up for the agreement and the countries that did carry the load. Now the issue has been overshadowed with other concerns such as healthcare, terrorism and the economy.

Global Warming
The lingering argument about the Earth’s changing climate has been attributing to Global Warming; many facts back its existence but there are still debates whether this is a hoax. Scientists now believe that man is changing the climate of the planet by his emissions of greenhouse gases. There is enough scientific uncertainty that exists to have the public at odds however; enough evidence of global warming has happened to take preventative...
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