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Aac Autoclave of Zg for Sale

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Autoclave can not only improve the strength and performance of the products, but also greatly improve the economic efficiency of companies. Therefore, mostly of the businesses would like to choose this large pressure vessels. But for the investors, autoclave price is the most concerned issue. Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd will explain the factors that will effect autoclave price.

  The maximum working pressure of ZG autoclave is up to 1.6 MPa, and in some degree, the larger the pressure, the more expensive the autoclave. That is because being able to withstand larger pressure, the requirement for the material and technology must be also higher. So this will also affect the price.
  ZG autoclave can stand a temperature up to 201℃, the higher the temperature, the shorter the steam-curing time and the better the autoclave effect. So the price is different according to the different autoclaves’ maximum working temperature.

  The effective length of ZG autoclave can be up to 60 meters. Under the same conditions, the longer the effective length, the more expensive the price.

   Different companies may adopt different manufacture process and technology, especially some well-known large companies, due to the high technology level, the price will be more expensive.
   Experts in Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd recommend: when choosing the autoclave, do not choose lower price products for reducing costs, which might affect future operating and economic benefits. According to the actual needs and steam requirements, choosing a reliable manufacturers, such as Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd which has a perfect after-sale service and great quality of products.
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