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Pride over Pity

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Book Review #2
My second book review is Pride Over Pity by Kailyn Lowry. This book is 159 pages long. The setting is mainly in Pennsylvania where Kailyn had grown up. She had moved all over when she was younger. The main character is Kailyn Lowry and her tough life she had growing up. Her mother was a drunk who didn’t care too much about her. Kailyn pretty much grew up raising herself. Her father was never around. Kailyn was always changing schools.
This story talks about her life as growing up from a child to an adult. Kailyn ended up being a high school teen mom at 16. Her and her boyfriend at the time were together and decided to keep and raise the child. Kailyn ended up moving into her boyfriend at the time, Joe’s house with his family because of her mom and how she was so rude and Kailyn ended up pretty much being homeless. Joe and Kailyn raised their son, Isaac, for quite some time before they both decided to go their separate ways.
Once they went their separate ways they both went to court for custody. Kailyn got her own place and was being a single mother to Isaac when she met a new guy and date him for a little while before they had broken up. Kailyn then met Javi. Javi was the one for her. They dated, got engaged, and then had gotten married. Before they got married Kailyn was pregnant with hers and Javis baby boy, Lincoln. Kailyn is now married to Javi raising their baby boy Lincoln and also sharing custody of Isaac with Joe her ex. They also bought a house. Kailyn is a teen mom on Teen Mom 2 on MTV. She is an awesome girl to look up too. Her book is completely awesome. She really opened up and told things that she didn’t have to, but she did it so other girls out there can hopefully learn from her. I would recommend this book to any of my girl friends because it is really an inspiring book. Every girl should read it if they could. It helps look at how difficult it could be being a teen mom at 16.


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