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E Cigarette Advantages and Disadvantages

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e cigarette advantages and disadvantages   e cig wholesale / manufacturing: teamgiant.net
Don't know why you decided to try e cigarettes?And despite opposition, but more and more, use the crowd's voice is more and more weak.Read this article, please share your view on e cigarettes, of course the premise is you have been using e cigarettes.The e cigarettes: what are the strengths and weaknesses?

e cigarettes and many other products is not perfect, its advantages and disadvantages coexist.People see the advantages of it is that you can smoke in almost any place, don't be constraints like tobacco.Many people say that they will help you stop smoking, especially for people with obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), it is often difficult to quit smoking, e cigarette is a big help, because he does not like tobacco, aggravating illness, are sucked into the steam.   e cig wholesale / manufacturing: teamgiant.net

But people are still sceptical, dare not to try.The us food and drug administration (FDA) to e cigarettes into the regulation of the medical product range, the FDA has no good reason to do so.So far still do the related test about e cigarettes, in the decision to use them, has confirmed that e-cigarettes exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages.

So the dangers of e cigarettes in what respect?If you are a smart consumer, positive and negative two aspects of the product, you are considering before buying, carefully review.Take a look at some research about the negative aspects of e cigarettes, said:

2010 research papers published in tobacco control that e cigarettes, lack of regulation of important factors, such as essential to the health warnings, the appropriate TAB, specify how to use them, as well as the method of safe disposal.The author's study also found that some e cigarettes play leaks, which may lead to toxic exposure to nicotine. e cig wholesale / manufacturing: teamgiant.net

The FDA said: "the e cigarettes may contain harmful...


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