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The Classification and Utilization of Shaking Table

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The Classification of Shaking Table:
There are plenty of types of shaking table in manufacturing. They might be divided into four types based on their use: sand table (take care of ore inside of 2 ~ 0.075 mm), slim table (process slime inside 0.075), beneficiation made use of shaking table, coal beneficiating shaking table. magnetic separator. They also might be divided 3 sorts in line with their construction like framework of table head, framework of table surface and also the supportive form: 6 - S sort shaking table, YunXi form shaking table and spring shaking table. In recent years some foreign countries also encourage a hanging multilayer shaking table, that's also created successfully in our nation and used in production. On top of that, our country also created a centrifugal shaking table that has a unique structure, which has become applied effectively in coal planning plant. The stroke of spring shaking table might be adjusted by turning the hand wheel. By way of tightening the screw, the soft spring are going to be compressed plus the power will improve, so its stroke is going to be bigger. But this regulation has a specified limitation. We are able to boost the eccentricity to lengthen its limit. Occasions of stroke could be regulated only by transforming the motor rotating velocity and belt diameter. Similar to YunXi slime shaking table in table surface, spring shaking is manufactured up with grooving method. The supporting strategy would be the same with YunXi form shaking table, they each adopt wedge block to change slope inside of 1°~4°. Double-layer and multi-layer shaking table doesn't change its located kind construction in installation. Their common disadvantage is that the inertia force to its frame during functioning is big, requiring it to have high seismic resistance. jigging machine. So people produced the hanging multi-layer shaking table to replace the fixed one.
SBM Machinery is a leading force in shaking table manufacture, if you are...


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