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Fgzsd-Aac-Autoclave Kettle Body Mounting

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FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave is a large pressure vessel, a huge weight .when install FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave reactor body ,they must look closely at safety. Zheng Guo containers remind someone to pay attention to the following points when installing.
FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave reactor body shall consider the necessary measures to stop the relocation of deformation, using lifting, the lifting point ought to be lined with soft material and a minimum of two suspension points, two hanging points at intervals of approximately five long FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave reactor three-quarters.
Through the Autoclave to FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave body end bearing is mounted closer to the two benchmarks for alignment, for example the entire -Autoclave reactor body levelness along with kettle of parallelism, kettle rail levelness. Autoclave reactor body orbit ground track elevation work consistency should be an extensive examination, satisfy the requirements may be used underneath the seat and plug filling horn method are able to do deeds of iron kettle body positioning, alignment.
Realize that the diameter of two.85 m and above Autoclave, the tip part of the support ahead of time bearing rollers mounted underneath it a steel sheet thickness of 5 ~ 8mm, FGZSD-AAC-Autoclave the complete kettle person is installed, the most notable while using the jack ends department of bearing slightly , and then removed the dish.
Zheng Guo container company has become adhering to the "leading technology, quality first" notion of development, depending upon our strong financial and tech support team, counting on its own R & D and innovation, which is dedicated to providing customers while using the finest quality product or service for customers to produce maximum efficiency.


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