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Marijuana Legalization Cause & Effect

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Cause and Effect Essay
Heart attack, cancer, depression, anxiety, impaired memory/coordination, hallucinations, lung infections: all serious side effects of smoking marijuana as well as the potential for our government to make a lot of tax money and limit cartel trade. Regardless, legalizing Marijuana is a hot topic and people all around are discussing what the effects would be from legalizing it. Marijuana would have many effects on the country, in a country with many social issues already, making marijuana legal could just be adding another problem for the government to face. Many teens overlook the health risks of marijuana thus making them oblivious to the many social and physical issues created by the drug. Because marijuana has multiple health side effects, one could see how it would negatively affect society.
Marijuana has side effects that would negatively affect society and legalizing the drug could potentially not solve any financial issues but make them worse. Marijuana has many known negative side effects and it impairs your coordination which could cause a very dangerous motor vehicle accident. Just because marijuana is an herb many think it’s okay to smoke it and as a result often overlook the potential affects. Some believe that legalizing marijuana would give the government many financial gains from taxing the substance and that the amount of prisoners would decrease leaving more room for violent criminals. The incoming money could fund drug safety courses, rehab and many other beneficial programs.
According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the longer subjects smoked marijuana, the worse their memories and attention spans got. The author of the Science of Marijuana, Leslie L Iverson, said that if chronic users of the drug were to try and maintain concentration for long periods of time, they would have a very difficult time. If a large percentage of the American population began to smoke marijuana, many children would lose...
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