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Wesley's Intro Essay

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Wesley's intro essay

          Looks like someone's going to medical school for college! I bet Wesley Footracer
Is going to work really hard in college. Wesley Footracer is 14 years old, and he was born in October 30,1999 In Daily City. Wesley was named after his great grandfather on his fathers side of the family. Wesley has no siblings, he has three members living in his house. Wesley
Guardians are Valentine (his mother), Nickolus (his father), and last but not least his grandmother (Tev).Wesley's best friends are Ricardo Ochoa and Trevor Troy.

          Wesley likes to play a video game called "First Person Shutters". Wesley's goal is to grow up and become a perfectionist wherever he go and go to the best medical school in whole world. Wesley likes to play basketball, baseball, running,and working out with sports bars. Wesley likes to to do these activities because it can help him with his upper body strength and win tons of prizes if he wins the event.
          I realized that working with Wesley can actually change my life and personality. I never knew that there was even a guy like that who can be so king and smart.wesley is fun to be with but not all the time he changes into a devil whenever he sees an apple on the floor and people not picking up after themselves. Wesley can turn into a Incredible Hulk sometimes but not often. Wesley can be scary but he can also be very very kind to everyone even if they don't deserve it. Wesley can be kinda weird but I an glad that he's my partner.

          Wesley's goal is to go to college,graduate, and then he could have a lot of money to visit or take a vacation to Hawaii or even Australia since it's nice and warm. Wesley we wishes that he can stars a good family and then end his life happily.


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