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Essays on Alexandria

  1. The Lighthouseof Alexandria
    the seas. Location: On the island of Pharos; now peninsula within the city of Alexandria The lighthouse was built in 209 BC, and dedicated to Ptolemy Soter...
  2. Library Of Alexandria
    known as Ptolemy II Soter. He founded the Museum or Royal Library of Alexandria in 283 BC. The Museum was a shrine of the Muses modeled after the Lyceum of Aristotle...
  3. Hypatia Of Alexandria
    her death many of her students migrated to Athens and the Neo-platonic school at Alexandria continued until the Arab invasion in 642 A.D. Although she died her life...
  4. Euclid Of Alexandria
    of all time. However little is known of Euclid's life except that he taught at Alexandria in Egypt. Proclus, the last major Greek philosopher, who lived around 450...
  5. The Contribution Of The Ptolemaic Kings To The Development Of Alexandria
    from Ptolemaic I Soter to Ptolemaic VI Philometer have contributed to the development of Alexandria. The first three Ptolemaic rulers had hope of their new home...
  6. Ancient Greece
    greatest advances were made in terms of engineering, physics, astronomy and mathematics. In Alexandria the great libraries were founded. The old beliefs in Olimp...
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  7. Why Be Prejudice?
    doesn’t want the around her. Even though Calpurnia is a good maid, Alexandria doesn’t care. As you tell by this quote, “… you’ve got...
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  8. To Kill a Mockingbird
    Test Question 1 As readers, we saw Scout mature and grow as our narorater and as a person. She learned many things, but also lost many...
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  9. Basic Greek History
    into Egypt and they welcomed him as their liberator and founded the city called Alexandria near to the western part of the Nile. After all this, Alexander chased...
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  10. The Great Pyramid Of Egypt
    ancient history of pharaohs, tombs, secret pharaoh treasures, from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. From the beginning until now, Egypt...
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  11. The Rise And Fall Of Alexandria
    son. Alexanders childhood friend, Ptolemy, soon came to rule over the city and Alexandria began rising. Ptolemy had plans for the city and began building innovative...
  12. Ramases Ii
    Rameses II, he was the third of his line in the Nineteenth Dynasty, son of Seti I, and grandson of Rameses I. He ruled for nearly seventy years...
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  13. Washington d.c: Our Nation’s Capital
    Washington County, Georgetown on the Maryland side of the Potomac river; and Alexandria and the County of Alexandria on the Virginia side of the river. Citizens felt...
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  14. Egypt
    are: Cairo, Gondokoro, Khartoum, Aswan, Thebes/Luxor, Karnak, and the town of Alexandria lies near the Rozeta branch. After the pharaohs would die they would mummify...
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  15. Alexandria’s Beautiful Corniche
    Alexandrias beautiful Corniche by the Mediterranean is one of the most romantic places for a young couple in love to take a stroll. However, there is a sinister side...
  16. Alexander The Great: a Hero
    on a strip of land between Lake Mareotis and the Mediterranean Sea. This city, Alexandria, became a world center of commerce and learning. While it was being built...
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  17. Bible
    The Doctrine of the Trinity BY Attila Varga,Dip.Mec.,C.R.S.,MBA.,Doct. Div.(Hon.) 2008...
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  18. Louisiana
    triangle type area on the state map, the top of the triangle is right below Alexandria, and the base stretches from New Orleans to Lake Charles. While it was largely...
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  19. George Washington
    the Fairfax family lay out the town of Belhaven (which is now a days called Alexandria) in 1749 and became surveyor of Culpeper County. In 1752, Lawrence Washington...
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  20. a Glance Into The Training And Development
    A Glance into the Training and Development Needs of Ford Motor Company Training and Development Nov 09 Sec B HR 592 Professor Patricia Meyer Stephanie...
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  21. Alexandria
    cuisines catered for. No visit would be complete without a night stroll through alexandrias bustling streets where you can find traditional outfits, clothes related...
  22. The Wild Imagination Of Alexandria
    is a stuntman who falls and injures his back while performing a stunt for a movie. Alexandria is an innocent but curious little girl. Roy is a very depressed man...
  23. Globalisation
    over a wide range that stretched from India to Spain, with such cities as Alexandria, Athens, and Antioch at its center. Trade was widespread during that period...
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  24. Claudius Ptolemy
    Claudius Ptolemy Claudius Ptolemy was born around 100 AD, in Alexandria Egypt. Claudius Ptolemy was known as an Egyptian astronomer, mathematician, and...
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  25. How Google Got Its Groove On
    unorganized consortium of nonprofits, bloggers and corporations are rebuilding the Library of Alexandria in a digital, distributed and democratic form. Battelle...
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  26. Clara Barton And The American Red Cross
    Clara Barton: The Civil War and the American Red Cross The importance of the American Red Cross to the United States of America nowadays is never underestimated...
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  27. Kant
    The Philosophy of History Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel With Prefaces by Charles Hegel and the Translator, J. Sibree, M.A. The History of the World is not...
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  28. Leonado Da Vinci-The Darth Vader
    than you might think. Take the robot: invented by the forever badass Hero of Alexandria, and perfected as a killing-machine by Leonardo da Vinci during humanity's...
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  29. History Of Greek Medicine
    practitioners, specialists in this art"). The establishment of a school of Greek medicine in Alexandria where actual medical research was done.with major advances...
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  30. The Life And Times Of Hypatia Of Alexandria
    first professor of mathematics at the Museum. At the time of Hypatias birth,Alexandria was considered a cosmopolitan center,and the third largest city in the Roman...