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Essays on Crime In India

  1. Crime In India
    INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COURSE PARTICIPANTS PAPERS CRIME IN INDIA Sanjiv Kumar Upadhyay * I. CRIME IN INDIA A. General There were 61.8 million criminal cases...
  2. Comparing The Socio-Economic And Demographic Factors Of Crime In India And Germany
    people happily working can mean less people on the streets committing crimes. India is on the opposite spectrum with people living in disgusting and terrible slums...
  3. Crime In India
    theft, and arson. Corruption is a significant problem Crime over time Incidence of cognizable crimes in India 1953-2007[1] A report published by the National...
  4. Crime In India Among The Youth In Recent Times
    the age when teens become violent. The trend is consistent nationwide. In 2001, juvenile crimes in India were pegged at 16,509. In 2011, that figure stood at 25,125...
  5. Crime In India
    30-50 years age group and 7.4 per cent were above 50 years of age (Crime in India, 1998: 266). Thus about half of the offenders were young (18-30 years). The data...
  6. Cyber Crimes Are a Menace
    www.essaydepot.com/doc/20191/Cyber-Crime - Cached 5. Essay on " increase in cyber crimes in India "? - Yahoo! Answers India 28 Dec 2007 ... Answers...
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  7. Crime Against Women
    of the main reasons for sex-selective abortions and female infanticides in India. Causes of Crime Against Women A vital part of understanding a social problem...
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  8. Woman Security
    498A which deals with Matrimonial Cruelty to a woman.         Matrimonial Cruelty in India is a cognizable, non bailable and non compoundable offence. It is defined...
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  9. Bribe
    It is known fact to the world now that no matter how serious would be the level of crime in India; one can get out through the Indian process by greasing the palms...
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  10. Marital Rape
    and law commissions, one of the most debilitating acts is not looked at as a crime in India. A look at the options a woman has to protect herself in a marriage tells...
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  11. What Is The Role Of Crime And Politics In India ?
    impact of crime & politics in india Well crime can be in any form and no matter where you live crime exists and develops in a dramatic way. Sometimes we people...
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  12. India Is Crime Friendly
    to rape, the criminals are breaking the world records in India. From intense brutality to inhuman activities crime is at its peak and criminals enjoy the privilege...
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  13. Crime
    e.g. Tax havens (technically legal though there are tight laws) j. Computer Crime: Criminals hacking into businesses, changing bank account balances...
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  14. Youth And Crime In India
  15. Cyber Crimes In India
    covering Australia, Canada, England & Wales, European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, United States of America...
  16. Cyber Crime The New Age Devil
    look at our preparedness to handle & manage Cyber crimes becomes evident. 1. STATUTORY PROVISONS: In India, The Information Technology Act 2000 was passed and...
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  17. Women In India
    amended the relevant laws. Crimes against women Police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India. The National Crime Records Bureau reported...
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  18. Child Labour In India
    other drugs to ward off exhaustion. Their disturbed childhood also drives them to crime. Indias juvenile crime rate is 3.1 per thousand persons. Sexual perversions...
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  19. Crime Wave In India
    corruption nepotism and inflation are the major factors that stoke crime in India. Then, there is the desire to become rich overnight, and to adopt Western values...
  20. The Growing Problem Of White Collar Crimes In India
    Growing Problem of White Collar Crimes in India The practitioners of evil, the hoarders, the profiteers, the black marketers and speculators are the...
  21. Children In Conflict With Law: Scenario Of Crimes Committed And Justice Delivery System For Juveniles In India
    Sessions Court under the charge of various crimes. Key words: Juvenile, disposal of cases, delinquent, India. Introduction: As per the recent report...
  22. Cracking India - The Oppression Of Women
    again as women are abducted and sent to brothels amidst the violence surrounding partitioned India. Lenny watches the dwarfed man, observing that, the smirk lurking...
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  23. India - a Supreme Power
    such large scale poverty is possible considering that just some time back India welcomed an economic boom and was shining mightily. The truth is the IT and BPO boom...
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  24. Corruption In India - 2
    5 Judiciary 6 Armed forces 7 Right to Information Act 8 Anti-Corruption Laws in India 9 Anti-corruption police and courts 10 Anti-corruption organizations 11 Causes...
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  25. Do We Really Need Social Activist For Improving The Nation ( India)?
    people social activist. Well instead of calling them the people of India, they are labeled as something uncommon and separate; they are not accepted like normal...
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  26. Do Politicians Have Something To Offer To India?
    any mercy to the people who trust them and elect them. Millions of People every year leave India and go abroad just to avail a better life and a better lifestyle...
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  27. Why We Do Not Take Our Country India Seriously?
    good changes in our country. As a citizen of my country I really wish to see my India as one of the best and most powerful nation in the world. We often compare...
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  28. Politics And Sentiments Of India ( Must Read)
    welfare but its a known fact that very less portion of money is given for the people of India and rest 90 % is distributed among the departments and leaders. Well...
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  29. How Placement Agencies Earn Millions In India?
    protection. Poverty is the biggest evil which provokes the poor people to commit crime. After exploitation these poor people consider the whole world as there enemy...
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  30. Do Same Sex Marriages Have Any Future In India?
    controversial and its really tough to imagine the concept of same sex marriages in India. Indian people are urbanized but on the same hand are very much conservative...
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