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Essays on Indian Marriage

  1. Indian Marriage Traditions: Not Your Typical Silver Screen Story
    get married. Another difference between American and Indian culture is that more and more Americans and choosing to rebuff marriage all together, and simply stay...
  2. Indian Marriage
    i was reading through some of the blogs , and it got me thinking about My mother and my impending marriage. We all leave homes, our parents behind, our known safe...
  3. Marriage: The Indian Way
    are the biggest form of celebration for any family in India. Indian marriages are known for its grandeur, celebration and naach/gaana. Feasts, shimmering attires...
  4. Indian Americans & Assimilation Into American Culture
    of family, I believe that we can insert the subject of marriage among Indian Americans. Traditionally Indian marriages are arranged. A prospective bride's father...
  5. Arranged Marriage
    reasons of familial rejection or anger with the marriage. The proof can be seen by the numerous Indian marriage websites on the internet, most of which are by caste...
  6. Indian Wedding
    is otherwise a very colourful social event. Preparations for the celebration of an Indian marriage start a month or two in advance of the wedding day. Parents of...
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  7. Indian Culture
    in India are very different than what my culture, as an American, practices. Indian marriages are, most of the time, arranged. This is determined by the man and...
  8. Hinduism
    vidaai and reception. These are some of the important rituals and customs that sum up the Indian marriage ceremony. A wedding is an important religious ceremony in...
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  9. Gandhi's Idea
    Africa, the government fulfilled many of Gandhis, including recognition of Indian marriages, and abolition of the poll tax. With his work in South Africa complete...
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  10. Marriage
    caste endogamy, race endogamy and tribal endogamy etc. In caste endogamy marriage has to take place within the caste. Brahmin has to marry a Brahmin. In sub caste...
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  11. Effect Of Westanization On Indian Culture
    note that we have completed one full circle starting with the abolishing of child marriage due to western influence ,the current trend is that the youth are getting...
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  12. Arranged Marriages
    of conflict between Indias youth and arranged marriage, the first being a conflict between parent and child. In the Indian culture, it is the parents responsibility...
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  13. Arranged Marriage And The Vanishing Roots
    and also in the legally binding sense, which the twins had not done. Theodore, to finalize the marriage, marries Adaku in Houston, Texas also; where a shocked Peter...
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  14. Problems Of Indian Womens
    of my relatives got married to a guy studying in college. Theirs was a love marriage. After marriage, the guy started to show his real character. He began beating...
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  15. Indian Women Gaining Economic Independence
    the industrial segment. It is also encouraging more women to delay key incidents like marriage, child birth and spend more time in the working space as single women...
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  16. Communal Violence In Indian Society
    efficient and impartial to put down communal riots and ensure safety of all Indian citizens. 5. Since it is not possible for the Hindus and Muslims to progress...
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  17. Indian Women What a Pity
    get to keep the money from his first marriage, giving his parents a very nice living. If a woman is widowed in Indian society she is expected to mourn for her lost...
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  18. The Indian Culture
    strong bonds of kinship and attempt to provide each other with economic help, emotional support, and other benefits. Indian marriages are deemed almost necessary...
  19. Marriage Special
    Practical problems with the Special Marriages Coomi Kapoor has a column in today's Indian Express which draws on her experiences to highlight serious problems...
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  20. The Role Of Indian Women In Medieval Period
    feet The Indian woman's position in the society further deteriorated during the medieval period[5][10] when Sati among some communities, child marriages and a ban...
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  21. Indian Literature
    of Native Christian Life (1895), Michael Madhusudan Dutts Bijoy Chand: An Indian Tale (1888) and Lt. Suresh Biswas: His Life and Adventures (1900) and Yogendra...
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  22. Indian Lifestyle Vs. Colonial Lifestyle
    tribes. In Womens Lives Among the Delaware, Heckewelder explains the Indian marriage to be a Male dominated one, much like that of the colonial family. Throughout...
  23. The Life Of Indian Bride Is Always At The Tip Of Knife If She Fails To Meet The Rising Expectations Of The Groom...
    line is a very common thing to hear from a brides family. The process of marriage simply becomes dramatic from the day the advertisement is placed in the newspaper...
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  24. Do Same Sex Marriages Have Any Future In India?
    controversial and its really tough to imagine the concept of same sex marriages in India. Indian people are urbanized but on the same hand are very much conservative...
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  25. Indian History And Geography
    time zone or time belt, use what is called S tandard Time . Thus we have the Greenwich Mean Time (G.M.T) and the Indian Standard Time (I.S.T). There are five tim...
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  26. What Are The Differences Between The Indian Religion And Catholicism?
    the Sweats. When Professor Anderson came to class to speak of the Crow Indians, he spoke of the different sweats that he had been invited to take part in. It seemed...
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  27. Same-Sex Marriages
    NIV) - Leviticus 18:22 - Leviticus 20:13 - 1 Corinthians 6:9 “Gay marriages should be allowed, state judge rules,” The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 4, 1996...
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  28. Arnolfini’s Marriage
    Hayes, Rae-Anne and Klein, Amy. Arnolfini Portrait Also Known As The Arnolfini Marriage 13 May 2002...
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  29. Indian Wedding Vs American Wedding
    Bridal Party, The veil, kissing the bride, the groom's cake and the honeymoon. Indian marriages start with searching the bride or groom as a part of arranged...
  30. Are Indians Really Good At Crisis Management
    somebody will rise to the occasion to bring it all together.This is very similar to Indian marriage or teenage procrastination;action begins only when the deadline...
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