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Essays on Mathematician Aryabhatta

  1. Paradigm Shifts
    Major Paradigm Shifts from an Indian Perspective Gaurav Singh (Student ID 200401092) Kapil Goyal (Student ID 200401100) Course Title : Science Technology...
  2. Essay
    used system of numerals is known as Hindu-Arabic numerals. Great Indian mathematicians Aryabhatta of Kusumapura (5th Century) developed the place value notation...
  3. Proud To Be An Indian
    of India to science in general and mathematics in particular. Indian Mathematician Aryabhatta invented zero. Bhaskaracharya, in fifth century, calculated the time...
  4. Mathematicians Of India
    Ramanujan  (22 December 1887 26 April 1920) was an Indian mathematician and autodidact who, with almost no formal training in pure mathematics, made substantial...
  5. Aryabhatta
    IAST: ryabhaa; Sanskrit: ) (476550 CE) was the first in the line of great mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy...
  6. Abcd
    scientific satellite Aryabhatta was launched into |blt on the 19th April 1975. It was named after the great Indian aronomer and mathematician of the fifth century...
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  7. Indian History And Geography
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  8. Vedic Maths
    bottom - line of the mastery of the mathematical geniuses of the past and the present such as Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Srinivasa Ramanujan, etc. I. Why Vedic...
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  9. Liber Abaci
    In the 19th century, the term Fibonacci Sequence wascoined by the French mathematician, Edouard Lucas, and since thenscientists began to discover the numbers in...
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  10. Black Studies Paper
    African history was Imhotep a multi-genius. He was a great artisan, physician, mathematician, priest and architect. He designed the step pyramid and proven African...
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  11. Computers
    Boolean logic was invented by George Boole, a poor British mathematician in 1815. His new type of logic was mostly ignored until makers of computers...
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  12. Aryabhatta
    miles. Aryabhatta have unusually great intelligence and well skilled in the sense that all his theories has became wonders to some mathematicians of the present...
  13. Biography Of Mathematicians
    What Copernicus and Galileo propounded was suggested by Aryabhatta nearly 1500 years ago. . Ramanujan Indian mathematician who was self-taught and had an uncanny...
  14. History Of The Computer Industry In America
    used in many applications from 1946 to 1955 (Dolotta, 50). Mathematician John von Neumann was very interested in the ENIAC. In 1945...
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  15. Computers
    in many applications from 1946 to 1955 (Dolotta, 50). Mathematician John von Neumann was very interested in the ENIAC. In 1945 he undertook a...
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  16. Telescope
    in length, which he had designed and built himself. In 1663 James Gregory, a Scots mathematician, designed the first reflecting telescope--the Gregorian reflector...
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  17. One Hell Of a System
    taught skills that will never be used. If a child is to become a Mathematician why is he forced to sit through classes where a teacher rambles...
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  18. Enigma
    enigma code remained a significant resource for the allies. A.m. Turing was a great mathematician who we owe a great debt(Hodges), and as for the Polish will always...
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  19. Benjamin Banneker
    guy in early United States history. He was an astronomer, farmer, mathematician and surveyor. He contributed greatly to the rise of African Americans in science...
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  20. Aryabhatta Biography
    work. Aryabhatta gave the irrational value of pi. He deduced ? = 62832/20000 = 3.1416 claiming, that it was an approximation. He was the first mathematician to give...
  21. Is Money a Prerequisite For Happiness?
    be as happiness. Which dictionary ever explains money to be a synonym of happiness? Which mathematician has ever given up a formula - LIFE + MONEY = HAPPINESS. None...
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  22. Sociology
    admits; it is evidently equally foolish to accept probable reasoning from a mathematician and to demand from a rhetorician scientific proofs.(2...
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  23. Ewan
    became known as the special theory of relativity. Since the time of the English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton, natural philosophers (as physicists...
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  24. Aryabhatta 1
    IAST: ryabhaa; Sanskrit: ) (476550 CE) was the first in the line of great mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy...
  25. Is Maths Discovered Or Invented
    first one. When you think about it, maths never existed before mathematicians, therefore they invented it and later on discovered how it could be used. The confusion...
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  26. Standard Grade Physics Notes
    TELECOMMUNICATIONS SUMMARY NOTES SECTION DESCRIPTION of CONTENTS 1. Communication using waves 2. Communication using cables Speed of sound. Waves. Communication...
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  27. Claudius Ptolemy
    in Alexandria Egypt. Claudius Ptolemy was known as an Egyptian astronomer, mathematician, and geographer during the second century AD. Ptolemy established a system...
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  28. Lewis Carroll
    on January 14, 1898. He had many talents, he was an English author, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and a photographer. His most famous writings are Alice...
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  29. The Great Indian Mathematicians
    found one of the earliest attested schisms among Indian mathematicians. The division was primarily about the application of mathematics to the physical world, rather...
  30. Science
    Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge"), refers to any systematic knowledge or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a correct...
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