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Essays on Mumbai City

  1. Traffic Problems In Mumbai City
    road marking à à àMaximum roads particularly junctions in Mumbai city are constructed with cement concrete or fitted with paver blocks. Before applying the...
  2. Mumbai City
    whole of Bombay (which had spread beyond the islands) was 9,900,000. The city changed its name in 1995 to Mumbai, after Mumbadevi, the stone goddess of the deep-sea...
  3. Pollution In Mumbai City
    by committing suicide in his Berlin bunker at the end of the war. German cities were in ruins from a massive bombing campaign.     Germany was divided into 4 zones...
  4. a Comparative Study Between Airtel And Vodafone Users In City Of Mumbai. By Prof. Vinay Pandit Lala Lajpat...
    is subject to the following limitations: 1) This study has been restricted only to Mumbai city. So the results may not be applicable to other areas. 2) Study...
  5. Mumbai
    and is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. It is one of the most popular Hindu temples of Mumbai city. The idol of Lord Ganesh is two and a half feet in height and two feet...
  6. India Is My Country
    and many more fought for Indias freedom. New Delhi is the capital of India but Mumbai city, where I live is known as the business capital of India. India has 28...
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  7. The Art Of The Renaissance Period
    These exhibitions take place all over the world. The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum hosts one of the most-acclaimed masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance...
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  8. Cities Of The Developing World
    similar ones will grow unless drastic measures are made. Mumbai, India City Statistics: Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra within India...
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  9. Domestic Violence In Mumbai
    Majlis has grown majorly, working towards defending the rights of women in the city of Mumbai The litigation unit of Majlis aims to represent women across class...
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  10. Life In a Metro City
    when people cannot find staff they want. However, living in a metro city just like Mumbai, these kinds of things will never happen. In short, I think people who...
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  11. Environmental Degradation In Mumbai
    °E / 18.9750; 72.8258 in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai consists of two distinct regions: Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban District, which form two separate...
  12. Dabbawlas Of Mumbai
    to their workplaces and then back to their homes. They work on the premise that in a city like Mumbai, people do not have the luxury of going home during the lunch...
  13. Mumbai Cusines
    and spices. There is a variety of snacks available in this city and people just love them. Some of the famous places in Mumbai to taste the legendary fast food is...
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  14. Mumbai
    amp; Prince of Wales Museum. Mumbai's culture is a blend of traditional festivals, food, music and theatres. The city offers a cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle...
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  15. Clean Up Mumbai Campaign
    helpline is an initiative of United Way to address key civic issues of Mumbai city by providing a platform for various stakeholders to come together and undertake...
  16. Mumbai
    20.5 million. Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world...
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  17. a Tale Of Two Cities
    his first novel, The Pickwick Papers. He went on to write many other novels, including Tale of Two Cities in 1859. Tale of Two...
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  18. a Tale Of Two Cities: Which Chapters Do You Prefer, Those Set In Engla
    in ‘Oliver Twist’ or indeed Sydney Carton in ‘A Tale of Two Cities.’ This particular sentence illustrates my point very well...
    • 1062 Words
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  19. Italian City
    de’ Medici (also known as “the Magnificent” as a result of the city’s prosperity and fame) ruled Florence from 1469-1492. He used his wealth...
    • 1232 Words
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  20. Critique On Open City
    widely spoken about important issue at the time- war. Open City is one of the most interesting films due to many aspects. Mainly for giving a picture...
    • 1134 Words
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  21. Study On Street Vending In Mumbai
    the grounding of this project. Also our special thanks to the Hawkers of Mumbai city for providing us their vital information, precious time and their spirituous...
  22. The Forbidden City In Beijing, China
    summer I went to one of the worlds most famous historical places, The Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It was the home of the emperors of the last two dynasties...
    • 320 Words
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  23. On Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City – Bombay Lost And Found
    in Pakistan and Dubai are mentioned. Though the physical separation is present Maximum City clearly depicts how mentally these individuals are still living in Bombay...
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  24. Walking In The City
    memories and history. These layers can be either personal or collective. Each time we enter a city, we fabricate magnificent order. Walking styles can variate inside...
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  25. Compare And Contrast City And Countryside
    transports, there arent any days without congestions especially in the peak hours. City dwellers seem to simultaneously be commuters with many busy and endless works...
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  26. City Or Country Living
    the classrooms, which can lead to better one on one individual help for the student. City schools are larger and sometimes get better school budgets then the smaller...
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  27. Mumbai Dabbawala's
    Association is a 120 year old organization operating in Mumbai city, India. In Mumbai most of the population travel everyday for about 100 kilometers to reach their...
  28. London, England, a City Full Of History
    to London was one and a half years ago. It was a wonderful trip. I stayed in the city for three weeks, and I had many impressions. I visited all the famous places...
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  29. Sub: In The Early 21St Century, The Proportion Of World Population Living In Cities Has Increased Substantially...
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  30. Ypsilanti City Council Meeting
    out the parking rate increases as well as purchase additional parking meters. For information on the city fee increases in Resolution No. 2005-36, call Ypsilanti...
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