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Essays on Quaid e Azam a Great Leader In Urdu

  1. Quaid e Azam
    was his official names.His real name is Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid-e-Azam (The Great Leader) and Baba-e-Qaum(Father of the Nation) was the name given by the public...
  2. Quaid e Azam
    adopted, 1940 Pakistan's first Governor-General, 1947 Earlier Life Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th December 1876 at ... A man without...
  3. Quaid-e-Azam
    my dear fellows. Today I have got an ability to share my views about the great leader Quaid-e-azam Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th December 1876...
  4. Quaid e Azam
    founder of Pakistan. He is popularly and officially known in Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam (Urdu: "Great Leader") and Baba-e-Qaum ( ) ("Father of the Nation"). Jinnah...
  5. Life Of Quaid e Azam After Independence
    establishment of Pakistan in 1947, non played a more decisive role than did Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It was his powerful advocacy of the case of Pakistan...
  6. Quaid e Azam
    Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah My great leader is the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He was born in Karachi on 25th of December 1876. He is the...
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  7. Quaid-e-Azam's Dream
    say to any Hindu citizens of Pakistan: If there is war would you shoot a Hindu? Quaid-i-Azam was a staunch supporter of Islamic democracy in the newly born country...
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  8. Perspective: Pakistan Did Not Fail Quaid-e Azam In 'Unity, Faith, Discipline'
    in this day and age might very well be our great nation of Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e Azam couldn't have been more proud of his creation today if...
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  9. The Attributes Of a Great Leader
    that lacks intelligence and wisdom would never succeed. In addition, great leaders need to be self-assured and they must involve their people...
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  10. Why There Is No More Quaid-e-Azam?
    A. WHAT ARE THE PARTS OF SPEECH? Although English has hundreds of thousands of words, everyone can be placed into at least one of eight groups, or classifications...
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  11. Qualities Of a Dignified Leader
    world for centuries. Vision can change the planet, imaginatively. This quality is amidst all great leaders of our time. Another trait acts as a vital source...
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  12. Leaders
    found during my studies wasn't surprising. All of the identifiable characteristics of great leaders could be found in scripture. Sure, they weren't labeled as being...
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  13. Pakistan Society
    progressive society through Islam. Islam served as a real cause for its creation. Leaders of Pakistan had strugggled for separate nation to lead a Islamic life...
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  14. Alexander The Great
     (20/21 July 356 10/11 June 323 BC), commonly known asAlexander the Great (Greek:  , Aléxandros o Mégas ), was a king ofMacedon, a state in northern ancient Greece...
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  15. Women Are Great Leaders
    muslims especially after the death of our founder Quaid-e-Azam.She was the one to work side to side with his brother and proved to be a great leader. Benazir Bhutto...
  16. Constitution Of Pakistan 1973
    Constitution of Pakistan of 1973 The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the supreme law of Pakistan. Known as the Constitution of 1973, it was...
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  17. Salman Rushdie-Midnights Children
    1966,1968,1974. Reprinted by kind permission of Penguin Books Ltd First published in Great Britain by Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1981 Arrow Books Limited Random House, 20...
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  18. General Knowledge
    KARAM Hazrat Asad died first among the Sahabah. Hamza & Hussain are known as leader of Martyrs. Hazrat Usman Bin Talha was the Key holder of Kaaba. Hazrat Saad bin...
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  19. Present Day Leaders
    NSUI), Gandhi promised to reform youth politics. In his attempt to prove himself as a youth leader in November 2008, Gandhi held interviews at his 12, Tughlaq Lane...
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  20. From Quaid-e-Azam To Quaid-e-Awam
    legitimacy and compliance. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, also known as Quaid-e-Azam (Great Leader) and Baba-i-Qaum (Father of the Nation), is accredited for almost single...
  21. Quaid e Azam
    power over their minds and hearts, and fitted him to be the greatest leader in the greatest crisis of our national life Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born...
  22. The Incompetence Of British Leaders
    support or contradict the interpretation that British generals like Haig were incompetent leaders? World War 1 began in the month of July 1914 and lasted until 11...
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  23. Leaders And Followers
    many times without anyone noticing, leadership flows from one place to the other. Great leaders know how to get people to share their knowledge. We must not forget...
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  24. Emerson's Individualism
    there is no harm and restriction on dreaming. So, one can just hope that whatever is written in this article becomes a reality some day. After all, everyone has a...
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  25. Education
    Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical...
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  26. Technology Park And There Role In National Development In Pakistan
    essay of 150-200 words on any ONE of the following topics: (a) A Rainy Day (b) Television (c) Quaid-i-Azam 15 OR Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any ONE...
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  27. About Lahore
    that fascinated the English poet John Milton who wrote in 1670: "Agra and Lahore, the Seat of great Mughal." In 1585 AD Mughal emperor Akbar decided to make Lahore...
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  28. Quaid e Azam- An Architect Of Pakistan
    8) Wikipedia the free Encyclopedia. 9) www.national heritage .government.pk 10) "Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah". Government of Pakistan Website. 11...
  29. Employment And Job Opportunity
    2010: How far is it correct to say Quaid-i-Azam consolidated the nascent state of Pakistan? Comment. On august 14 1947 mount batten flew to Karachi and addressed...
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  30. Quaid e Azam
    11th September 1948 at Karachi. FIRST LEADER OF A NEWLY BORN STATE In recognition of his singular contribution, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was nominated...