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  1. Shivaji Maharaj
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj An Analysis Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj An Analysis Page 1 A Note of Acknowledgement. . . I would wish to thank Shri...
  2. Shivaji Leadership
    at Rohideshwara temple. 3 THE JOURNEY TOWARDS SUPREMACY The Torana Endeavour Shivaji Maharajs task of building up an independent kingdom too was to be...
  3. a Case Study Of Life Story Shivaji In Creating The Stable Future Within All Threats
    Vatan (the son of the soil) Vir Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The unique personality and also unique among all the world conquer that the legacy he has left for whole...
  4. Shivaji Bhosle
    royal title Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Marathi: ) was a Maratha king [5] from the Bhosle dynasty who founded the Maratha empire.[6][7] Shivaji led a resistance...
  5. Shivaji
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The end of 1676 saw Shivaji commencing attacks in the southern parts of India.  Death and Succession   Shivaji...
  6. Shivneri Fort
    to Shahaji. Though Shivaji was born here, he had to surrender the fort to the Mughals and could not take it back in his lifetime. Shivaji Maharaj left this fort in...
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  7. Prince Of Whales Museum
    Prince of Wales The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India is the main museum in Mumbai, formerly Bombay...
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  8. Change And The World Changes For You
    in the International Cricket arena, Maharaj Kumar of Vizianagaram (real name ... the All Time Greatests of the World Cricket, Sachin simply outclassed every other...
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  9. Cruise
    as not only it is the highest mountain in the region but is declared as a World Heritage Site. A 2 hours journey to the foothills of Mount Kinabalu is Kinabalu Park...
  10. Brave New World
    a hero. But "the Savage" (as John is called) is frightened by the new world he sees. The fear and oppression he experiences make him long for his old...
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  11. Hannibal: Master General Of The Ancient World
    would be different if Hannibal had conquered Rome. Carthage might have ruled the world and change the way of architecture that we use today. Europe would have...
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  12. Guru Golwarkar
  13. Sumerian Relation To Present World
    as many opportunities. In the present day, we have many languages in the world; however, none use the old, ancient cuneiform writing. We were able to make...
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  14. World War Ii (In-Depth Look Into Effects Of The War)
    than a century Great Britain had been the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. But they used up too many resources in the wars and their status greatly...
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  15. Was Germany Responsible For The Outbreak Of World War i?
    The cause of World War I cannot be primarily attributed to any single act of any one nation. To arrive at a reasonable conclusion one must...
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  16. Wartime Propaganda: World War i
    asked "will it be any wonder if, after the war, the people of the world, when they recognize any human being as a German, will shrink aside so that...
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  17. Industrialization Used In World War i
    kill many invading armies at once. From this new weapon and many others, the world changed for the worse. Not only did countries now have possession to take...
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  18. World War i
    joined with the independent nation of Serbia. Few thought this act could start a world war, but it was the straw that broke the camels back.(cliché I know..) During...
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  19. Did The Western World Do Enough For The Jews In The Holocaust
    as if he has preserved an entire world." - The Talmud. Anytime the world stands idly by and remains silent as 6 000 000 worlds are shattered, not only did they fail...
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  20. What Caused The Second World War? Who Was To Blame?
    years killing millions; injuring and traumatising many more. Two decades earlier, World War I had taken place also killing, injuring and traumatising millions. How...
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  21. Attack On World Trade Center
    through hearts of thousands people from all over the world. Ten minutes later, people all over the world with shocking fear could observe how two highest buildings...
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  22. Japan After World War Ii
    /> early 1946. Japan was extensively fire bombed during the second world war. The stench of sewer gas, rotting garbage, and the acrid...
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  23. Raymond Annual Report
  24. Pun With Language: The Role Of The Pun Throughout The History Of The World
    lie solely in humor tastes. It has been centuries since the days when the world marveled at a well crafted pun, and tastes in humor have certainly changed with the...
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  25. The Assessed Causes Of The First World War
    sent them down to an equal level instead of making the navy the best in the world. Also the defeat of Germany navy would never defeat Germany overall, the defeat of...
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  26. Mehul Shah
    very important thing a person needs to be good at is being up-to-date. The world is changing at a fast pace and it gets bewildering at times. Of course there are...
  27. Mumbai Dabbawala's
    Fauz that is the army of Lord Vishnu and are also decendents of Shivaji Maharaj. When asked to Mr.Raghunath D Medge, President, Mumbai Dabbawala Association, During...
  28. The World's Most Important Invention
    My thoughts of the tampon being the most important invention in the world are comical and humorous but could you imagine life without tampons? If you are...
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  29. Lucille Ball: The World's Greatest Actress
    there ever be another actress like Lucille Ball. She had so many talents to offer the world, and she gave her best in everything she ever did. She will always be the...
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  30. The Cost Of Stability In Brave New World – Freedom
    which can help a pregnant mother conceive more easily or undergo an abortion. In the new world, since there is no need to make every female fertile, only "as many as...
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