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Essays on Sustaining Himalayas

  1. Sustaining Himalayas
    sustaining himalayas The Himalayan ecosystem is fragile and diverse. It includes over 51 million people who practice hill agriculture and remains vulnerable The...
  2. Sustainable Tourism
    nor mountain whereas the Himalayas Mountain in Tibet is a natural resource. Therefore planning is important, as good tourism planning can sustain the environment...
  3. Role Of Bio Fertilizers In Sustainable Agriculture
    References 49 Annexure.1 Schedule based on role of bio fertilizers in sustainable agriculture 50-51 Chapter no.1 INDIAN FARMERS FERTILIZER COOPERATIVE...
  4. Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods - Case Studies
    Project in Andhra Pradesh (SAPAP).............................48 Success in the Himalayas - The Story of Chamoli Tasar..........................60 Overview...
  5. The Living In Himalaya
    otherwise safe settlements. In 1893, a largest known landslide dam in the Central Himalaya blocked the Birahiganga to form a colossal 350 m high dam. The lake...
  6. Sustainable Development Investigation
    IB Economics Mr. Rodrigo Telles Class: G11 Sustainable development Investigation 1- HDI: The UN classifies countries by the Human development index, HDI...
    • 390 Words
    • 2 Pages
  7. Measuring Sustained Management Support In Erp Implementation Projects
    we propose a GQM preliminary plan with different metrics to monitor and control sustained management support while implementing an ERP system. Keywords: Enterprise...
    • 4837 Words
    • 20 Pages
  8. Is Sustainability Only Physical
    and the ultimate truth. Donne takes various perspectives that used to sustain man in past and tries to feel and experience them. Unfortunately, he comes...
    • 634 Words
    • 3 Pages
  9. Sustainable Architecture
    environment as a whole system and this is the main global goal. A summary of sustainable global goals These are suggested by Mendler, Odell and Lazarus Waste...
    • 5183 Words
    • 21 Pages
  10. Sustainable Energy Management
    been founded on sound science. Historically, however, international thinking on sustainability issues was led by scientific debate with the Agenda 21 conference...
    • 1254 Words
    • 6 Pages
  11. Examine How Arthur Conan Doyle Builds Tension And Sustains Mystery For The Reader In The Speckled Band
    Doyle shows how perceptive Sherlock Holmes is. It also builds tension and sustains mystery by showing that something is affecting Helen stoner nervous. When Helen...
    • 2117 Words
    • 9 Pages
  12. Sustainable Developement
    idea to one of the top two issues at the coming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20. Many people may wonder whether the green economy...
    • 1610 Words
    • 7 Pages
  13. College Culture’s Effect On Sustaining Romantic Relationships
    acceptance of casual sexual behaviors, there is a detrimental effect on beginning and sustaining romantic relationships among peers. In order to conduct such a study...
    • 3165 Words
    • 13 Pages
  14. Green Technology For Sustainable Agriculture Development
    Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (APCAEM) aims at promoting sustainable agriculture development for the eradication of poverty by guaranteeing environmental...
    • 617 Words
    • 3 Pages
  15. Globalization And Sustainability
    and Technology Chadron State College March 16, 2009 Consumption and Sustainability For many years, human consumed various resources of Earth including...
    • 1810 Words
    • 8 Pages
  16. External Analysis For Himalaya Healthcare Compa
    possibly come through in their run. Hence it can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Himalaya Corporation was established by M. Manal in 1930 in Bangalore...
  17. The Himalayas And Other Peninsular Mountains
    ranges is from northwest to the southeast direction in the northwestern part of India. Himalayas in the Darjiling and Sikkim regions lie in an eastwest direction...
    • 744 Words
    • 3 Pages
  18. China Calls For Sustainable Development
    catastrophes and people need to adopt comprehensive measures to achieve the goal of sustainable development over the next 20 years. The UN and China have conducted...
    • 287 Words
    • 2 Pages
  19. Sustainable Ethics
    what-is-ethical-fashion/. Last accessed 30th March, 2013. Christian U. Becker . (2010). Sustainability Ethics. Available: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm...
    • 1395 Words
    • 6 Pages
  20. With Reference To One Or More Located Examples, Explain How Tourism Can Be Managed To Ensure Sustainability.
    pledge and a lot of work is done to preserve and conserve the environment by practicing sustainable tourism. Real Journeys is the largest ecotourism group that tours...
    • 663 Words
    • 3 Pages
  21. Sustainable Fashion
    fast fashion industry, which are need to be eliminated or at least reduced towards to a sustainable fashion. What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion is a fast-response...
    • 2189 Words
    • 9 Pages
  22. Hammer Crusher Can Achieve Limestone Sustainable Utilization
    we should choose new efficient hammer crushing equipment to achieve limestone sustainable utilization.China Fote Machinery by adopting world-class advanced...
    • 389 Words
    • 2 Pages
  23. Holistic Sustainability
    chipko movement (hug the trees) in 1973 to protect trees in Indian Himalaya in opposition to industrial exploitation (Ramchandra Guha). Currently the Narmada Bachao...
  24. Textiles And The Environment Green, Sustainable Design
    Minimum use of chemicals and pesticides * Best land management practices * Sustainable farming practices * Eco-friendly certification (i.e. EU-Eco label...
  25. Responsible Tourism And Sustainability
    while helping to generate future employment for local people. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local...
  26. Sustainable Tourism
    is a strong need of determining a comprehensive methodological framework for attaining sustainable development. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, 1996) defines...
  27. Corporate Sustainability Reporting
    stake holder theory applied in explain the motivators for corporate voluntary sustainability reporting practice. Faisal, Greg and Rusmin explore legitimacy theory...
    • 2216 Words
    • 9 Pages
  28. The Economy Call For Sustainability Jaw Crusher
    The rate of feed, or the speed at which the workpiece passes the cutter, determines the time required for cutting a job. In selecting the feed, there are several...
    • 461 Words
    • 2 Pages
  29. Arctic Deer Live On Islands In Canada's Arctic Regions. They Search For Food By Moving Over Ice From Island To...
    The argument above attributes the decline in the population of deer residing on arctic islands in Canada to global warming. However in the current form this...
    • 638 Words
    • 3 Pages
  30. Terrorism
    Uni. Press 1140p. 11. Jadhav, H & Bhosale, V.M. 1995. Environmental Protection and Laws. Himalaya Pub. House, Delhi 284p. 12. Mackinney, M.L. & Schoch, RM 1996...
    • 14146 Words
    • 57 Pages
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