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Essays on Time Save

  1. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    important. A ship may sink, if the crack, once noted by the crew is not immediately plugged. So we say, a stitch in time saves us from having none stitches later...
  2. a Stitch In Times Saves Nine
    may become unmanageable and may not be remedied at all. Hence we may say that the proverb "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" has much truth and wisdom in it. The truth...
  3. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    dictate applies to every field of activity. It implies that work done in time saves a lot of labour, later on. To illustrate it further, it can be said that suppose...
  4. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    Same applies to the tear in the cloth, if not mended in time can result in the tear to be beyond repair. Thus : A stitch in time saves nine. Isnt it said Take...
  5. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    in life is the one of Thomas Fuller a British writer: A stitch in time saves nine. Since the proverb has its origin in sewing, it can be literally understood...
  6. a Stitch In Time
    old adage, "A stitch in time saves nine" is similar in meaning to another one: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The concept of both of these...
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  7. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    It passes on from one hand to another like a current coin A stitch in time saves nine is an idiom, which is a phrase whose symbolic or intended meaning is different...
  8. Save Power
    type is worked more cheaply and efficiently by electricity. And many a labour-saving and time-saving device using electrical energy has been introduced to minimise...
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  9. Cyrus Hall Mccormick
    The mechanical reaper. A time-saving invention which allowed farmers to more than double their crop size while at the same time spurring other...
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  10. World Robot Olympiad In Korea
    was the ginseng chicken rice. Our bus managed to get on the ferry which is more time saving in the journey to the airport. Finally, we boarded the 4pm flight back...
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  11. Media
    no matter where we go. In addition, marks can be made on books, which is time-saving when we want to rememorize the knowledge. Admittedly, books have some drawbacks...
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  12. Advertising On Internet
    they will be provided with a huge list from which they can select. This is a very cost effective and time saving method of advertising. It has become really easy...
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  13. a Stich In Time Saves Nine
    respectively, are lit in a room at the same instant and allowed to burn till such time that the three candles in the room get extinguished. The cost of burning...
  14. Bank
    to the next. Throughout a country, children arrive at school at approximately the same time, take assigned seats, are taught by an adult, use similar...
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  15. It Portfolio
    early 1960s, many companies were offering credit cards, marketing them as a time-saving device rather than a form of credit (Becoming American Express, reinvention...
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  16. Public Speaking
    and gave Grant victory at Appomattox; force saved the Union, kept the stars in the flag, made "niggers" men. CHAPTER V 32 The time for God's force has come...
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  17. Air Travel
    even though they felt more comfortable, the fly experience, safety, the convenient and time-saving brought by air travel are all the same as well as economic class...
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  18. Communication Skills
    Chapter#1 -------------------------------------------- Communication: Communication is the ability to share...
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  19. With The Advance In Mordern Technology ,Especially Internet, The Traditional Way Of Studying ,Such As Class...
    of job and assemble the works together. Admittedly, internet course is time-saving and cost-effective,as students do not need to travel to school and can arrange...
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  20. Time- Saving Technologies
    in our lives. The last couple of decades have witnessed a formidable growth of various time-saving technologies, ranging from advanced multi-level...
  21. Cultivating Communities Of Practice
    the Authors 283 Preface Some connections are inevitable. Given enough time and networking, some people are bound to meet and nd that they share a passion...
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  22. System Analysis
    result quicker. This approach favours small / medium projects and the short development time means that technology selected does not become outof-date or obsolete...
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  23. Health
    rack up debts on your plastic to pay for everything. It pays to spend some time saving for your occasion, not just as a pair of individuals but as a couple. Getting...
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  24. Idioms
    without any support. Till the cows come home This idioms means 'for a very long time'. ('Until the cows come home' is also used.) To be dog cheap If something's dog...
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  25. a Stitch In Time Saves Nine
    early, they could have been saved. At that point, the man said if he had known, he would have done that. Then the doctor told him, A stitch in time saves nine...
  26. Pollution By Transport
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  27. Benefits From Transportation
    a fender bender? Taking public transportation can help save money, keep you safe and it could be fun at the same time. Saving money Everyone has bills and like me...
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  28. a Stitch In Time Save Nine
    stage. It is the same with the body politic. The best politicians see in good time evils which, if allowed to go on unchecked, will swell to alarming dimensions...
  29. Client Server
    technologies; escalation in highly publicized vendor promises; increasing time delays between vendor promised releases and product delivery (that is, "vaporware...
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  30. Research Analyst
    using keywords or combining words effectively will make your search more productive and time saving. With the absence of research techniques, logical and basic entry...
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