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Essays on Why Cell Phone Is Important

  1. Cell Phones
    I completely understand that. Having my cell phone is important in more ways than just being a distraction from my school work. My cell phone is helpful to me in my...
  2. Cell Phones
    persons cell phones signals. This is why, if one is able to call 911 and give a specific location, that is the best way to get help. But cell phones are important to...
  3. Cell Phones
    of the cell phone and why cell phones are important in todays society. Even though the U.S. Army has been the source of many advances like cell phones, the...
  4. Economic Viewpoint On Cell Phones
    be aware that cell phones give important information about an individual to anyone trying to locate the cell phone user's whereabouts. There are cell phones that can...
  5. Use Of Cell Phone In Modern Courtship Among Nursing Students Of Isabela State University-Echague
    2 Frequency Distribution of Respondents Who Use cell phone in courtship...16 3 Frequency Distribution of the Use cell phone...17 4 Frequency Distribution...
  6. Technology In Cell Phones
    of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones. Today's cell phones are capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing data, taking...
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  7. Cell Phones In Classrooms
    have enough self-control for the responsibility. Plus, if having a cell phone in class if so important how come our parents were able to survive? Firstly, most of...
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  8. Cell Phone And Cancer
    to the human brain. To summarize, even though cell phones contribute to our everyday lives and play an important role to our daily routine, humans need to take...
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  9. Why Is a Cell Phone Called a Cell Phone
    One of the most interesting things about a cell phone is that it is really a radio. Before cell phones, people who needed mobile communications ability installed...
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  10. Disadvantage Of Cell Phone
    effects of mobile phone. For example, do not allow your children to use a cell phone, unless there is an emergency; ensure there is no cell phone mast approximately...
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  11. Should Children Have Cell Phones At School?
    know ahead of time to bring their cell phones to class. Here are a few things teachers could do with cell phones: - They could ask students to text people...
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  12. Cell Phone Laws
    and totaled cars everywhere. This happened all because of a cell phone. Having the government enforce the cell phone laws gives us some life changing advantages as...
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  13. Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones
    A positive aspect of cell phones is that we can keep in touch with family members and friends whi live far away more easily. Before cell phones, it was very...
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  14. Fact Or Fiction?: Cell Phones Can Cause Brain Cancer
    a congressional panel that published scientific data indicates cell phones are safe. So what's the deal? Do cell phones cause canceror not? It depends on whom...
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  15. Cell Phones Are Bad
    are located at regular intervals along highways. Another argument of the cell phones importance to modern day society is its ability to save lives physically. It...
  16. Autobiography Of a Cell Phone
    AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A CELL PHONE I am a Cell Phone. Everyone owns me these days. My life begins when Im manufactured in a factory. Sometimes Im made or assembled in...
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  17. The Important Of Having Cell Phone
    longer you would be. By cell phones they could contact you night away, without having to worry about anything, It is also important to contact your classmate. For...
  18. Book Report: Dead Man's Cell Phone
    up a Book Report because I havent read all the Other Plays. And then I saw Dead Mans Cell Phone on the shelf at the other library, the one that only lets me have New...
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  19. Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone?
    Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone? Me neither. I have my life in that little black box appointments, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, e-mail, grocery list...
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  20. Cell Phones In High School
    of the many ways why the school should keep the cell phone policy. The first reason we should keep the cell phone policy is because it is a distraction to everyone...
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  21. Does The Mobile Phone Brings The Development To Developing Countries?
    cell phone to know which place needs supply (Singh 2009). To sum up, cell phone...
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  22. Importance Of Entrepreneurship In Economic Growth
    no personal security, no laptop and no cell phone! ? His company donated $ 31 billion ... Entrepreneurship can play the most important role in the economic...
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  23. Cell Phones
    phone are important and very useful part of the world. We miss out if we fail to take advantage of the educational power of the cell phone. All in all, cell phones...
  24. Importance Of National Parks
    Wi-Fi, satellite and 3G/4G technology cell phones. Public places to use the ... Kingdom and France lead to important precursor networks, they were not the Internet. The...
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  25. The Biological Importance Of Polysaccharides
    down in different directions in the cell wall providing great tension, this strength is important in cell walls. Another important polysacharide is Chitin, it is...
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  26. Mobile Phones
    same ('ipsilateral') side of the head as that preferred for cell phone use.[65] One study of past cell phone use cited in the report showed a "40% increased risk...
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  27. Case Study: Should You Use Your i-Phone For Work?
    or cost of company cell phones. However, if the cell phone is critical to the conduct of daily business then the additional cost of company cell phones is off set by...
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  28. How Cell Phones Help Solve Crimes
    about how cell phones solve crime and if it truly is a good way to solve crimes or if the police should change how they solve crimes. Cell phones are important in...
  29. Cell Phones Used Inappropriately
    that their cell phones are more important than anything else that may be going on. Cell phone usage is up to the owner and operator of the cell phone to manage...
  30. Kids Should Be Able To Use Phones At Primary School
    This debate is about whether every child should have a mobile phone (Cell phone if you are in the United States). This does not mean that they always have to have it...
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