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"If you deserve to win something but don't, then whoever -did- win obviously cheated." - Philipk31

Essays on Winning Is Not As Important As Participation

  1. The Importance Of Participating In Music Festivals
    THE IMPORTANCE OF PARTICIPATING IN MUSIC FESTIVALS Distinguished guests, head teachers, teachers, boyes and girls, good afternoon. feel honoured to stand in front...
  2. Importance Of Participation
    This is a vital issue today that what is the purpose of electing the political parties to form the government. If we look the entire democratic process it...
  3. Winning Vs Participation In Youth Sport
    extreme is the mindset that winning is inconsequential and participation is what is important; at the other extreme is the presumption that winning is the only thing...
  4. Vince Lombardi - Winning Is The Only Thing That Matters
    may be many different reasons for wanting to win, there is without a doubt that the need to win is very important to all who participate in the world of sports today...
  5. Export Import
    of export whereas the overseas based buyer is referred to as an "importer". In International Trade, "exports" refers to selling goods and services produced in...
  6. Jaques Louis David
    he set out to win the Prix de Rome. He participated in the competition for ... his work influenced it. Also important to note are the art work that influenced...
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  7. Traveler Import Car, Incorporated Case Study
    as the two heads, Randy & Beryl made all key decisions & closely managed Traveler Import Cars Inc. As the business grew and further acquisitions took place, there...
  8. Indian Securities Market
    out under the supervision and Table 1-1: Market Participants in Securities Market Market Participants Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) Regulators* Depositories...
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  9. Winning Globally
    companies, and our opportunities. This is an important enterprise and I am deeply honored to ... Winning Globally: Organizing for Global Impact The Stanford / McKinsey...
  10. My Home By Dr. Jose Rizal
    Optional statements regarding odds of winning.............................................................................7 5.4. Definition, location and frequency...
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  11. Strategic Importance Of Knowledge Management
    important for participants to share time and space. A close physical interaction is important in sharing the context and forming a common language among participants...
  12. Sportsmanship
    participation. Most people won't go on to play professional sports, and only a few will win ... opinion in the end. If winning is the most important thing to you, then...
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  13. Suddenly The Film Scene Is Becoming Our Scene
    the capacity of film to stimulate critical public engagements, film demonstrates its importance in the public life of ideas . H owever, film also has the potential...
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  14. The Political Landscape Of Georgia
    the OSCE Participating States recognized the importance of pluralism with regard to political organizations. As such, the governments of these participating states...
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  15. War Of 1812
    on June 12, 1812. Even though United States did not win some of the battles, it did win most of the important battles, making it the winner of the war of 1812...
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  16. Quotes And Poems On Confidence
    breeds confidence and confidence breeds winning. Hubert Green One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is...
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  17. Tapan
    After every round half the teams were eliminated. Finally, one team wins the game. How many teams participated in the race? (a) 30 (b) 32 (c) 41 (d) 54 4. If an...
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  18. Project Report
    TQM is a management approach of an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer...
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  19. Ek310 Tma02
    and Participating. So to provide the basic needs but the best available, to protect from harm or abuse but mostly and I feel most important is participation, to...
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  20. Urban Mines Great Likely And Broad Prospects For Growth In The Market Place
    mines " , the realization of economic , social ecological gains and win-win , can be a important problem facing our country . mineral ore washing equipment in iraq...
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  21. Biradrism And Political Participation
    peoples participation in the politics has also great importance. Political participation is an essential element of political system. Political participation varies...
  22. Management Quaility
    to think and give recommendations for continuous improvement: Employees participation is important in the implementation process, they must be empowered to...
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  23. Important Presidential Elections
    important in Kentucky politics, becoming speaker of the state assembly in 1807, and winning ... in collaboration, had participated greatly in the...
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  24. How To Realize Double Win In Hongxing Mining Industry
    many years to participate in the international ... equipment is very important. The brass tag ... size mining machine like this all win the confirmation of the companies...
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  25. Education Is The Most Important Factor In The Development Of a Country
    participate in and benefit from globalization and technological change (3). Education also generates political stability and is important...
  26. Importance Of Self Education
    also enjoying your comments, so please continue to participate in making this ... it? First, Brad discusses the importance of creating your own Automobile University...
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  27. Important Ethical Consideration To Be Made
    getting new therapy to the public but more importantly it violates the people who was brave enough to participate. Not reporting fraud and research misconduct makes...
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  28. Importance Of Teachers
    parents of minority kids who dont participate in school functions because a lot of ... model for your student is just as important in order to get them to stay focused...
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  29. Students’ Opinions Of Participating In Classroom Activities
    make comments and take part in discussions. Students opinions of participation should be more important in the choice of any teaching method. Nunan (1999) suggests...
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  30. The Importance Of Revitalizing The Organizational Structure
    So for hospitals this structure should be "inverted," to emphasize the importance of patients, frontline staff, and the organization's core business or activities...
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