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  1. Consumerism
    enough.enviroweb.org" http://enough.enviroweb.org. Accessed Sept 15, 2001. Consumerism.  HYPERLINK "http://www.consumerzone.org" http://www.consumerzone.org...
  2. Consumerism
    to say that, but it becomes truer each day. Think of how much consumerism has grown over the last 15 years or so. It is scarey to think where we will be in another...
  3. Youth Culture And Consumerism
    the Vietnam War and then free culture played a prominent role in the progression of consumerism. People, and especially youth, often shared their belongings, simply...
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Consumerism has been unfairly portrayed as an evil that is destroying our society. People often neglect its positive features. Do you agree or disagree?

The rise of consumerism has brought upon many satirical responses, however, people often attempt to neglect its positive features which is disseminated in every aspect of modern existence.

The reality for most is determined by the impact of mass media and the influences of commercialization. Dawes poetry does not purely focus on consumerism, therefore, does not portray consumerism entirely as an evil. Dawe particularly expresses how consumerism has assimilated Australians into the American lifestyle in his poem \'Americanized\' emphasising how consumerism does not include a significant amount of positivity. Magazines have brought the participation in consumer trends and the insincere seduction consumerism has brought to society. Peter Weir also attempts to express our fascination with television entertainment through the Truman Show which does not focus on attacking consumerism. Consumerism cannot delete or destroy society; hence, it is not possibly portrayed this way. Consumerism may as well have no positive aspect that is not linked to indoctrination or manipulation for materialist benefits.

Dawe has composed the poem \'Enter Without So Much as Knocking\' ironically it emphasises the insignificance of human life and the life-denying character of the Australian Urban Culture.

Dawe portrays consumerism, simply dehumanized by a mercantile society bound to acquisitiveness and commercialisation. Doubtless the purpose of the poem is in part to inspire thought on the part of the reader, but not the type of thought required to interpret an image of evil. Essentially the poem seeks to portray consumerism as an omnipresent aspect of society at large, not as an evil.

Dawe\'s poem \'Americanized\' portrays consumerism indirectly as an evil to some, yet, it largely reveals...
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