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Essays for History: Ancient

  1. Parmalat Case
    Something Went Sour at Parmalat Parmalat is a multinational Italian dairy food corporation that today represents one of the biggest fraud scandals that has marked history...
  2. To Myself
    The search for one's meaning and true self is a long, eventful road. The events that are experienced make up the meaning of one's life rather than a searched for meaning...
  3. Roles of Enslaved Women in the Sugar Estates
    Introduction Enslaved women roles rarely appear in History books; mainly because men have written them. Women have always been a major part in history especially since they...
  4. The Arawaks
    Amerindians of the \"Saladoid\" culture, originally came from the Venezuelan mainland. They were referred to as \"Arawaks\", because of the language they spoke. Using Trinidad as a stepping stone they spread up the Caribbean and beyond. Ethnologist...
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  5. The Crusades
    The Crusades were Christian military expeditions undertaken between the 11th and the 14th century to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims. “The word crusade, which is derived from the Latin crux (\"cross\"), is a reference to the biblical...
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  6. The Emporer Caesar
    The Emperor Julius Caesar is perhaps most famous as the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. His rise from a humble birth as a peasant boy to Emperor is a tale of bravery, adversity and ultimately triumph through faith.<br /> <br...
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  7. The First Crusade
    In The middle of the Eleventh Century The tranquillity of the eastern Mediterranean seemed assured for many years to come, but little did the people know what was ahead . This, thus embark us on a journey back into the First Crusade. In this paper...
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  8. Compare and Contrast Marx and Weber’s Analyses of the Development of Capitalism.
    Compare And Contrast Marx And Weber’s Analyses Of The Development Of Capitalism. They both agreed that it was progressive in comparison with what was before. They both...
  9. The Great Pyramid of Egypt
    “Man fears time, yet time fears the Pyramids”. At the city of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, standing for more than 5 millenniums, build by more than 100,000 people in one pharaoh’s life time, has been the greatest mystery in the ancient...
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  10. Title
    Gustave Courbet I have never heard the phrase by Gustave, “Show me an angel, and I will paint on”. I am not even sure where to even beginning in...
  11. The Highland Clearances Re-Examined
    The popular conception of the Highland clearances depicts a simple, clear-cut tale of injustice depicted through sensational images of massacre and destruction. The clanship is often romanticised and the issues surrounding the clearances often...
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  12. Marrage
    Olive-Harvey College University Of Illinois at Chicago Glass College101 Professor Daniels Forbes July 23, 2012 University of Illinois at Chicago is a very...
  13. Understanding Underdevelopment
    Running Head: UNDERSTANDING UNDERDEVELOPMENT Chapter 1 Discussion Questions Understanding Underdevelopment Yolanda Rochelle Boozer Dr. Michael Otaigbe Sociology of...
  14. Inventory
    http://www.software-smith.com/sample.pdf The Inventory System Inventory management is a vital part of any retail business, whether it’s a traditional brick-and-mortar...
  15. The Strengths and Weaknesses of Cluniac Monasticism
    Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Cluniac monasticism between the tenth and twelfth centuries. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> The nature of Cluny lay in the circumstances of it’s foundation. It was endowed...
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  16. Weapons of the Middle Age
    The year is 1232. Somewhere in northern Europe, a Saxon castle is <br /> under attack. In the fields for miles around, thousands of soldiers viciously fight. <br /> Metal strikes metal, arrows strike flesh, rock strikes rock. No matter how good...
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  17. Why Does the Iliad Conclude with the Funeral of Hektor?
    Examine why the Iliad concludes with the funeral of Hektor. Could Hektors’ death be recognised as a major defining moment in the Trojan War?<br /> <br /> <br /> In this essay I will illustrate how the burial customs of the late bronze-age...
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  18. Why Was Socrates Found Guilty? Was He Fairly Tried and Condemned?
    At the time of Socrates' trial in 399 BC, Athens was still badly shaken by it's unstable political and military past. The surrender at the Battle of Aegospotami marked the loss of the Peloponnesian war to Sparta, a long and hard fought war which...
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  19. Women in Ancient Greece
    Women in Ancient Greece were always very bust people. Whether it was caring for children or taking to their households, they almost never had free time on their hands. How women were treated back then is definitely different from the strong women of...
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