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Dec 1,2014
Extra credit to
In 1903 British colonialism conquered Papua New Guinea, with their arrival they wanted them to adopt to their institutions. Missionaries wanted the people of Papua of New Guinea to see the world as they themselves view it as well as wanting them to become a part of the Methodist church. Because of missionaries and superior and powerful   countries like Britain and Australian wanting to incorporate their cultures in Trobriand Islands. The missionaries main goal was that the Trobriands   acculturated to their culture they also felt , that During there time at   Papua New Guinea was to change their barbaric behavior. For example instead of battles with other villagers missionaries replaced warfare and introduce competitive games. One of these competitive games they introduce was Cricket. A sport that was created in the end of the 18th century In England. So instead of attaining prestige from battle missionaries felt that they would receive as much prestige if they play a competitive game but without a spear in their hands instead a bat and a ball were the only equipment they needed to play the sport. According to the film documentary "In 1975 Papua New Guinea and the   Trobriand became independent and they kept many colonial institutions like parliament democracy and Cricket, but a more Trobriand of Cricket. From the day Trobriand got introduce to Cricket Trobrians were taught to play the sport like white men in countries were controlling the Trobriand Islands
the Trobriand were taught to play cricket just like the British and the Australian. meaning   they had to play by their rules, for instance the games can only consist of 12 players, they had to wear mission clothes, there could be no magic in the sport, no dancing,   they had to block the ball with bat, and they had to throw the hand over hand. However many of these villagers had trouble to assimilating   to the missionaries culture,   But once got the Trobirand got their...


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