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Short Story

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On Sunday 12th October 2002, Lisa’s whole life changed. She was on the phone with her dad when she unexpectedly got a stroke. She was rushed to the hospital and after about two days the results were finalized. She was suffering from amnesia. Her brain had been severely damaged.
This meant that for Lisa everyday from then on was Sunday 12th October 2002 and time never progressed for her.
      For breakfast she would always go to her favourite place, around the corner, called ‘Ben’s Breakfasts’. She would order waffles and pancakes with maple syrup, and strawberries. She would read the newspaper, which her dad had printed over and over again from the date of the accident. The day after her tragedy was her father’s birthday. So every night, as a surprise, she would paint the walls of the garage with swaying green grass, bright blue blossoms and a pinkie-purple sunset in the background. Once she had gone to bed, her brother, who was only a few years younger than Lisa, and her father would repaint the wall white so that Lisa could start afresh the next day.
        Lisa was eating her breakfast one day when a handsome young man walked in the door. He looked around the room until he met eyes with Lisa. This was no ordinary stare. She smiled at him and he beamed back. He had no idea who she was and he felt the urge to sit next to her. “Hi, I’m John. And you are?” he asked. “Hi, My name is Lisa. Its nice to meet you”, she answered in a sweet tone. John had chestnut brown hair, which was combed back with a blob of gel. His eyes were dark and mysterious, where as Lisa had eyes the colour of a clear blue sea. Her hair was long and golden. Her teeth were as white as snow. As they started talking, John fell immediately in love with her. It made him feel warm inside. Time went by so quickly that morning. With some giggling and flirting going on here and there, Lisa finally said, “I’m terribly sorry, but I must go. It’s my father’s...


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