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Bus 517 Wk 10 Assignment 3 - Project Presentation

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BUS 517 WK 10 Assignment 3 - Project Presentation
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Please use the project from Assignment 1 and 2 to complete this assignment.
Your project is now in its closing process. You are ready to present a final report to your major stakeholders.
Develop a Closing Process PowerPoint Presentation. Your PowerPoint must have speaker notes and these speaker notes must be written as if you were presenting this project to your stakeholders. A template is provided for your use. You can modify the template based on your professor’s instructions. Do not omit any information from the template because the information aligns with the rubric. Note: The template can be found in the online course shell.
Prepare a twelve to fifteen (12-15) slide presentation in which you:
1. Identify the project objectives and how the project team has met each of the identified objectives.
2. Analyze the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), along with explanation for each task.
3. Create a timeline, and note the critical path.
4. Identify stakeholders on the project team matrix.
5. Establish the approved budget, and identify the cost for resources.
6. Recommend plans for the project communication.

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