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Crj 105 Wk 3 Quiz 1 Chapter 1-4

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CRJ 105 WK 3 Quiz 1 Chapter 1-4
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1. The field that attempts to define, explain, and predict criminal behavior is known as:

a. Criminalistics
b. Applied criminology
c. Criminology
d. Theology

2. "The insanity defense allows many dangerous offenders to escape conviction." This is:

a. A biased statement
b. A common myth regarding the criminal justice system
c. Consistent with research findings in the field of applied criminology
d. True in the United States, but not in most European nations

3. According to French sociologist Auguste Comte, the last stage of the progression of knowledge is:

a. Theological
b. Metaphysical
c. Scientific
d. Postmodernist

4. Most of the modern-day developments in criminology have taken place in which country?

a. England
b. Italy
c. Spain
d. United States

5. Behavior that is outside the range of normal societal toleration is best described as:

a. Criminal
b. Deviant
c. Felonious
d. Mala in se

6. As society becomes increasingly complex and heterogeneous, which of the following is typically true of society's efforts to maintain order?

a. Society becomes increasingly reliant on informal methods of social control.
b. Society becomes increasingly reliant on formal, codified laws.
c. Society becomes entirely reliant upon police and the criminal justice system.
d. Society becomes more reliant on religious organizations.

7. Which of the following is true of laws?

a. Laws are the most efficient means of social control.
b. Laws define which behaviors classify as "deviant" in a given society.
c. Laws can be enforced by either political or moral authorities.
d. Laws become more common when informal methods of social control are weakened.

8. Which of the following is an example of a person violating a folkway?

a. Johnny was eating dinner at a friend's...


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