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Is self knowledge the result of adversity?
Utopian novels are pervasive pieces of evidence that prove a world devoid of hardship often results in the horrors it tries to eliminate; particularly, the book 1984 by George Orwell shows how quickly a "utopia" can turn into a morbidly gruesome dystopia. The protagonist, Winston Smith, quickly comes to realize the authoritarian ways of the government. He tries to rebel, but the totalitarian regime regarded as "Big Brother" has taken every measure to suppress society's problems, and this included dissenters. There's no war, but there's no capacity to think as well. Propaganda and doublespeak confuse the public into believing everything the higher order says. There’s no creativity, for without hardship, there's no purpose for innovative solutions, thus no potential for individuals to progress or allow society to evolve.
Malala Yousafzai is an adolescent in our contemporary society who realized her ambitions as a result of her upbringing in Pakistan and having to bypass the oppression of the Taliban. As barely a teenager, she quickly realized that as a woman in her Muslim culture, she was not given equal rights because of the surrounding patriarchy. This ostensibly impossible problem led to her becoming an outspoken feminist and touching the hearts of millions. Her autobiography and slogan "I Am Malala" not only helped her realize who she was, but also help the rest of society progress by recognizing the injustices in the Middle East and Southern Asia.
Macbeth, a Scottish general in Shakespeare’s play is one example of a person whose success led him to a tragic ending. 
Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Rudolf Peierls and many others created the atomic bomb leading to disaster.
Julius Caesar
Whitney Houston
Is it important to question people in a position of authority?
The Hunger Games
Martin Luther King JR.
Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky was a prominent American coach who abused his...


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