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Comp 129 Final Exam Questions

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COMP 129 Final Exam Questions

COMP 129 Final Exam Questions
Question 1. (TCO 1) The HAL and executive services are elements of the __________.
Question 2. (TCO 1) Information on installed hardware, software, system configuration, and current running programs can be accessed using ________.
Question 3. (TCO 2) The ____ is a measure of resistance to electricity.
Question 4. (TCO 2) A system might have up to ____ types of ribbon cables.
Question 5. (TCO 2) When should a soft boot be used on your computer?
Question 6. (TCO 3) What type of RAM do most motherboards use today?
Question 7. (TCO 3) To help secure a computer, you can set a startup or “power-on” password so that the startup BIOS will ask for the password during the boot process. This password is stored in _______.
Question 8. (TCO 3) The term form factor in regards to a motherboard refers to the ______ layout of the components on the board.
Question 9. (TCO 9) When you first purchase a notebook, make sure you have a ____ CD containing the installed OS so you can recover from a failed hard drive.
Question 10. (TCO 9) ____ let you specify which devices are to be loaded on startup for a particular user or set of circumstances.
Question 11. (TCO 9) What types of SO-DIMMS can NOT be used in a notebook PC?
Question 12. (TCO 4) The sector on the disk drive that keeps track of the location of where the partitions are located is called the ___________.
Question 13. (TCO 4) What is the minimum amount of RAM required for a Windows 7 installations?
Question 14. (TCO 4) What is the minimum processor speed required for a Windows 7 installations?
Question 15. (TCO 7) Normally, the name of the access point (called the ____) is broadcast so that anyone with a wireless computer can see the name and use the network
Question 16. (TCO 7) This command allows you to find a NIC Card’s IP Address:
Question 17. (TCO 7) For dynamic IP...


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