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Bus 520 Wk 9 Assignment 4 - Leadership Style What Do People Do When They Are Leading

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BUS 520 WK 9 Assignment 4 - Leadership Style What Do People Do When They Are Leading
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Choose one (1) of the following CEOs for this assignment: Larry Page (Google), Tony Hsieh (Zappos),
Gary Kelly (Southwest Airlines), Meg Whitman (Hewlett Packard), Ursula Burns (Xerox), Terri Kelly (W.L.
Gore), Ellen Kullman (DuPont), or Bob McDonald (Procter & Gamble). Use the Internet to investigate the
leadership style and effectiveness of the selected CEO.
Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:
1. Provide a brief (one [1] paragraph) background of the CEO.
2. Analyze the CEO’s leadership style and philosophy, and how the CEO’s leadership style aligns
with the culture.
3. Examine the CEO’s personal and organizational values.
4. Evaluate how the values of the CEO are likely to influence ethical behavior within the
5. Determine the CEO’s three (3) greatest strengths and three (3) greatest weaknesses.

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