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Henan Corn Milling Machine Wholesale Development Is the Epitome of the Whole Line

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Henan Corn milling machine wholesale Development Is the Epitome of the Whole Line

Henan produces large quantity of corn   and other grains. Henan has many corn milling machine wholesale manufacturers. Aided by lots of objective advantages, Henan corn milling machine wholesale development enters into a prosperous and competitive period.

From 2004 to 2007 , with the national rice, wheat, corn   grain production capacity and prices changes, corn milling machine wholesale is also promoted again and again. At current prices estimates, this year due to rising agricultural prices , grain farmers spending increase of nearly 60 yuan per mu over last year.

During the autumn planting this year, Henan farmers planted grain materialized into significantly reduced compared to last year, in particular to reduce the magnitude of fertilizer use by about 20%. View believe that the future of food production or perhaps should keep the home.

At the beginning in 2004, although both countries in a substantial increase in the amount of the annual agricultural subsidies, especially to CORN MILLING MACHINE WHOLESALE industry, but it also enhances farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain. The essence of the effect is not obvious . Survey found that the majority of farmers support the national policy on subsidies commendable attitude, and some farmers are not concerned for the subsidy income . Some older farmers believe , kind of a lifetime , the current farming neither use taxes , the state gave subsidies to farmers in the national policy has been re- arrangement of the components of a lot. However, there are some farmers that the country in order to safeguard the interests of the urban population , the annual government subsidies for these fertilizer prices is simply insufficient to cover the cost of grain brought incremental gap.

Some officials said the agricultural sectors affected corn milling machine wholesale development and the annual increase in food prices should at...


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