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Corn Milling Machine Wholesale Faces the Problem of Largely Increasing Cost

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In fact , our policy of agricultural subsidies over the years is to stabilize the market prices of agricultural products , mainly in the state on the one hand to give subsidies to farmers , on the other hand to limit the normal administrative means rising prices of agricultural products . Such a policy designed to lead to the actual effect of the national policy of agricultural subsidies is: nominally the subsidies to farmers , but in fact it is through the realization of farmers in the form of subsidies for all agricultural subsidies consumer society , the actual benefit farmers but relatively small . In 2008 , China's investment in agricultural subsidies amount to about 95.6 billion yuan , an increase of 2007, 91.97% of the amount of subsidies , the total amount of rapid growth , but the total subsidies to farmers actually receive only 72 yuan , while the national grain per acre average incremental cost of more than $ 80.

Under the WTO framework , China 's commitment to domestic agricultural products is only 8.5% of the amber box subsidies, but currently the entire amount of subsidies has reached more than 900 billion yuan , which continue to reduce the double pressure of corn milling machine wholesale we once had.

Corn milling machine wholesale faces lots of problems, such as largely increasing cost. This is not a small problem, which will directly affect the customers purchase desire.

Although the state has already identified 18 million acres of arable land red line , but over the past 10 years in the process of urbanization , the national trend of declining arable land have never stopped. National arable land decreased from 10 years ago to the current 19 million acres to 18.3 million acres ( currently at or below the actual 18.3 million acres of arable land, the statistical value ) . Henan Province, the rate of decrease of arable land is consistent with the national level , with an annual reduction of approximately 100 acres of the rate of...


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