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Proj 586 Final Exam Answers

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PROJ 586 Final Exam Answers

PROJ 586 Final Exam Answers

1. (TCO A) In a _____ organization, the project manager does not have complete authority over the project team.

2. (TCO H) What is the longest phase of the project life cycle?

3. (TCO B) A(n) _____ is defined as a piece of work that consumes time.

4. (TCO D) All of the following are risk response types except _____.

5. (TCO F) The two most common types of project reports are _____.

6. (TCO C) The _____ time is the latest time by which a particular activity must be finished in order for the entire project to be completed by its required completion time.

7. (TCO G) Which of the following is not an advantage of using project management software?

8. (TCO A) Projects are identified and selected in the _____.

9. (TCO C) In addition to showing the technical constraints among activities, how does the network diagram logic also take into account resource constraints?

10. (TCO F) The budget for each work package is _____.

11. (TCO F) The _____ for the entire project or for each work package provides a baseline against which actual cost and work performance can be compared at any time during the project.

12. (TCO C) Calculate the earliest start for Task B if its predecessor, Task A, finishes on day 3 and the duration of Task B is 2 days.

13. (TCO B) Describe the benefits of including the people who will be involved in performing the project when planning the project.

14. (TCO E)
Part 1: Discuss some types of conflict that might arise during a project.
Part 2: Describe two examples that have these types of conflict.

15. (TCO A)
Part 1: Compare and contrast the responsibilities of a functional manager and a project manager in a pure project-type organization:
Part 2: A company builds state-of-the-art barges for riverboat companies. Which organization structure is the most suitable? Why?
Part 3:...


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