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How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations

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How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations

Sacha Lane/ 4034227

13 January 2015

Management Ethics/MGMT314

Ethics is set of guidelines that define the good and the bad. Ethics is a set of rules that distinguishes good morals from bad morals in a society. In itself, it gives the people who abide by it a guide on how to carry themselves and also the expected behavior as per the society they are a member. Ethics may defer from one place to another. Some rules may apply in one setting while others do not. Therefore, in a society with differently grouped people, the ethics of one group may be different. However, it is crucial to note that the fundamental lesson of ethics is good moral irrespective of one’s location.
To have a good environment, especially in workplaces, ethics is critical. Where there is no ethics, the people in charge should design and implement ethics. When this is done, the employees of the place of work will have set of rules and principles in which they should abide by at all times. In eventualities, that may arise due to lack of ethics will be avoided. Such include: fraud, stealing, sexual harassment, corruption, nepotism, favors and bad office politics will be greatly averted. Dennis Collins explains all these through his book, “How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations”. The book reveals the truth around Ethics, its evolution and how it can be developed and implemented in an organization. It has several chapters, each with adequate information on ethics and its importance in the working environment.
The first chapter talks of the fundamentals of Ethics in an organization. The most important topics in the chapter or rather the fascinating ones include: the unethical behaviors at work, the costs associated with unethical practices, competitive advantage of ethical organizations and many others. In the unethical practices at work, Collins gives examples of immoral behaviors...


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