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Hrm 560 Wk 10 Assignment 4 - Change Management Plan

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HRM 560 WK 10 Assignment 4 - Change Management Plan
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Using the organization where you work, one where you have worked, or one in which you are very familiar, identify a Human Resource Management program, policy, procedure, or initiative that you believe needs to be changed. Your goal is to apply Kotter’s 8 Stage Process of Creating Change to the HR situation you have selected, with corresponding suggestions for how to put this change initiative into practice. Once it is formulated, you will present your recommendations to upper management.

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:
a. Describe the organization in terms of industry, size, and history.
b. Describe how the HR program /policy / process / procedure / initiative that has been proposed should be changed.
c. Describe three (3) reasons why this change is important to make.
d. Describe the recommended change.
e. Develop a strategy that illustrates how you would address each of the eight (8) Stages of Change (Establishing a sense of urgency; creating coalition; developing vision and strategy; communicating the vision; empowering broad-based action; generating short term wins; consolidating gains and producing more change; anchoring new approaches into the culture).

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