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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was the dictator of Rome from 61-44 BCE. He was born in the year 100 BC into a patrician family who claimed dependency from the kings of Alba Langa. At the time of his birth, Rome was still a republic and the empire was only beginning. Caesar made his way to praetorship by 62 BC and many senate felt him a dangerous, ambitious man. The senate did their best to keep him out of consulship. He finally became consul in 59 BC.
      Caesar was at the pinnacle of his power when he returned from Spain in 45, yet within a year he was once again facing problems with the Optimates, and had seeming lost the support of the ever fickle populace of Rome. The problem was himself and his absolute power. With his impatience, he often denigrated the Republic as a shadow without a body but the majority of the conservative aristocracy failed to understand this. In Caesar they saw only the threat of a king, a word which was linked with the word “tyrant” in Roman history which is cruel or unjust rule.
      Julius Caesar stated that “cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.” Julius Caesar had lived, and died by this principle. The assassination of Julius Caesar was a somewhat cruel one because he was stabbed in the neck and the groin while some say that he fought and resisted by shifting his body to avoid the blows, and calling out for help. When Julius noticed that his brother Brutus had drawn his sword, he covered his face with his robe and submitted, letting himself, whether it were was by chance or that he was pushed in that direction by his murderers. At the foot of the pedestal on which Pompeii’s statue stood, was wetted with his blood.
      Julius Caesar was feared by many because of his ambitiousness. That is why the senate tried to keep him from becoming Consul. He was one of the best leaders of the Roman Empire because he cared more for the empire, than himself. He was truly a very intelligent man who wanted to be...


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