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Eating Habit

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Denise, W. 4 Bad Food Habits Teens Have and What Parents Can Do About Them. About Parenting. Retrieved from http://parentingteens.about.com/od/nutrition/a/badfood_habits.htm
There are 4 bad eating habits among teenagers. First is skipping breakfast. It is found that over half of the teenagers basically do not have breakfast. What makes it a problem is that makes teenagers miss the upstart process of metabolism which dominant the body health. Next are the increased consumption of foods from ‘other’ food group and outside of the home as well as soft drink. There is a tendency that teens are eating much more high fats and calorie junk foods which should be the least consuming. Also, they are always having meal outside due to their busy schedule. An increase in the prevalence of soft drink consumption is also found in youths aged 6-17. To improve the problem, it is suggested that parents to pay more effort on preparing healthy diet for their children.

Healthy eating for teenagers. Netmums.com.(2000). Retrieved from http://www.netmums.com/teenagers/becoming-a-teen/eating-habits
In order to make teenagers willing to eat healthily and love what the parents make for them is not to make it as an issue or be a good model. Try not to buy any junk food at home so they would have nothing unhealthy to eat. This is the first step to encourage a good eating habit. For youngsters, parents could make the dishes fabulous to attract them instead of serving dessert in reward. So by times, they would not expect treats for finishing one healthy meal. Be a model to have good eating habits so this could rub off. Eating with your children is also a good way to clear about what things they like. Last but not least, parents are reminded to keep a close eye on their children whether their appetite is normal or not as consuming both too less or too much   will lead to eating disorders.

Understanding what influences your teens' diet. Military Schools & Alternatives to Military School....


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