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Promoting the Safety of Journalists in Nigeria.

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By Gbemiga Bamidele

Journalism continues to be a very dangerous profession both in the peaceful arena as well as in conflict zones.

In peace zones , despite the pessimistic democratization in Africa , government, politicians, economic and religious groups still   see journalists as impostors who have no business in reporting ‘’critical issues’’ that to some extent affect these ‘’key players’’.
Such key players do not want some of their activities reported and hence
In conflict zones, journalists are often seen as part of the different factions and treated accordingly. Too often, journalists are erroneously suspected as being spies or working for the enemy.
During instances of civil unrest such as demonstrations or strikes, journalists are sometimes wrongly judged as sympathizing with the government, or seen by government security agents as collaborating with the demonstrators. Thus, too often, journalists are easily targeted for the wrong reasons while covering event.
Consequently, there is need for journalists to prepare themselves mentally, physically and psychologically before engaging on assignment that can be very dangerous.
In trying to bring the news, so many journalists have been killed. Some were deliberately targeted while others are killed in cross fire. A lot more died in accident related cases or at times fall seriously ill while on news gathering mission or sustain serious injuries.
Given the critical conditions in which journalists work, it is only logical that they should have a very fair knowledge of certain medications or carry some drugs with themselves in case of any emergency.
Such precautionary measures have proved to be of tremendous importance, as they have not only helped those who carry such medication, but even their colleagues who found themselves in dire need.
On the other hand, journalists who witnessed horrific atrocities eventually become traumatized and are also in need...


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