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Pegah Ganji
Professor Baldwin
ENGL 1301.S14
23 October 2015
A Man of Virtue
Throughout the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) displays the virtues and skills of fortitude, intelligence, and ambition.
Gardner begins the movie as a man of risk, investing his entire life fortune, as well as his family’s future into a plan to make money by selling portable bone-density scanners, which in his eyes would revolutionize both modern medicine and line his pockets in the process. This gamble seems to pay off originally but soon when the selling slows to a sluggish halt coupled with the rising tides of his businesses cost Gardner continues to add stress to his already breaking marriage. The first scene in which Gardner’s ambition is made apparent is during a taxi ride between him and the head of the brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds, Jay Twistle. Gardner notices the opportunity to impress and make a mark on Twistle, Gardner does this by solving a Rubik Cube during their ride together on the taxi. This small moment might seem insignificant from a far but it really is a core aspect of Gardner, he is a man that will strike while the iron is hot and it becomes a key component in both his success and the movies progression.
Another central aspect to Gardner is his intelligence, throughout the movie Gardner displays both the ability to think steps through ahead of the plan, like a chess game planning three steps ahead, but also Gardner displays social intelligence. Gardner can interact well with people such as negotiating to paint his apartment to avoid eviction, managing to convince the members at Dean Witter Reynold to intern him, and his plan to maximize his sale possibilities. Gardner is an incredibly intelligent man and he uses this to benefit himself and his child.
The most important aspect and the most inspiration aspect of Gardner is his fortitude. Throughout the movie Gardner is set upon by tribulation after tribulation, thrown...


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