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Academic Journey

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Academic Journey

Starting from Kindergarten, my worry was the transition from staying home all the time with my parents to actually experiencing class. In elementary school, my main focus was just being able to succeed in what was given to me. It wasn’t much compared to high school but based on my age it seem like a lot. When it came to grammar school, I saw that the work got a tad harder and it required more effort by me. Work was always tough but my effort was the main reason why I was able to be successful in my middle school endeavors. When it came to high school, I started my first two years at a vocational school trying to become a nurse. The benefit in a vocational school is that it got students started on the occupation they wanted to pursuit in the future. Soon my mind set of away from nursing and I wanted to pursue a different goal in life. I then when to my district high school and the work wasn’t hard, but adapting to an environment I wasn’t used to. I wasn’t used to the high school environment because I went straight to a vocational school out of middle school. Now in college, so far its going alright. The reason why I say it’s going alright is because I was forced to start college late due to aid reasons. While everyone was in school already learning, I was forced to sit home and wait for my financial aid to clear. Now that I am finally in college, I will like to pursuit my goal in exercise science. At the end of my first semester, I want to transfer to a 4 year college where I will earn my degree in exercise science. The reason why I want to major in exercise science is because I wanted to be a nurse at first, but I feel like I will be better off teaching about health. I try to live a h3althy lifestyle to exemplify what health is all about. I believe that if I actually put the time in to pursuit what I want I can achieve it. So far, my classes seem cool and there are very exciting subjects to be touched upon. With hard work and dedication, all of...


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