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In these weeks we learned about propaganda.Propaganda is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.Propaganda can be used in many ways like fear.For instince, if someone were to threaten you against   something that thing they threaten you with would be in your mind so you would not do anything to make that person acheive what they say with that threat.Our class has just finished reading George Orwell's book "Animal Farm" the two pigs in this book used propanganda against all the other animals in this book.the two pigs Snowball and Napoleon got the animals to rebel against the humans. they also got the animals to believe the humans were the enemy.But in reality the enemy were the two pigs.All the animals saw this after the fact that the pigs betrayed the rest of the animal.The book was important to us because we are all apart of Fees College Prepatory "Super Secret" propaganda department.We got the idea to make a propaganda ad to make the students follow the rules.We used techniques like, Appeal To Force and other techniques.
    Appeal to force was one paragraph we used for our "Cover Your Mouth when you sneeze or cough and say excuse me" ad.We know that our school does not advertise bullying but we stated "If you do not do this you will get beat up". We are not saying they have to use propaganda because we do not support bullying but you can use it .Some people can get irritated if they are always by you in class and you sneeze and cough without covering your mouth.That spreads germs through the air that we inhale.No one wants to be bullied so we suggest that you start covering your mouth with your sleeve and not your bare hand.This can also be another one of the logical fallacies like appeal to tradition.
    Another form of propaganda we used was appeal to tradition.We used   this with our "wear your I.D's" ad. I.D's at our schoolhas been policy for a very long time and we do not think that it will ever change.That's what the...


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