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Geothermal Energy Analysis

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Geothermal energy is energy that is obtained by tapping into underground reservoirs of heat.   This type of heat is usually found near volcano or another type of hotspot on the surface of the earth.   This type of energy is a renewable source.   It is considered renewable because the heat produced by the earth is ongoing and will continue to generate. Although this form of energy is primarily used to generate electricity the numbers are still very small of a contribution of this sector. The main reason for his is geothermal energy is limited to location of the source.   You must have a hotspot to tap into or the process will be useless.   This limits the locations and numbers of geothermal energy plants.     78.7% of geothermal energy produced in the U.S. goes towards electricity generation but of that in a year geothermal produces 0.202 quads of usable energy in a year.   That is not very much but it is a big help.   So as you can see geothermal energy is not a major contributor in any category in any economic sector.   Some sectors it does not contribute at all like industrial and transportation.   These are primarily provided for by the fossil fuels which geothermal defiantly is not.
There are 3 main types of technology used to obtain and deliver this form of energy.   These forms are called ground source heat pumps, direct use geothermal, and deep and enhanced geothermal systems.   First ground source heat pumps this system works in two different ways.   The use varies if you are trying to heat a home or building and secondly if you are trying to cool a home or building.   In heating mode the system begins with circulation.   This means that first above ground pumps move water or another liquid through a series of underground buried pipes or ground loops.   The second step is heat absorption.   This occurs as the water flows thorough the ground loops and absorbs heat through the warmer soil, rock, or ground water that is surrounding the ground loop.   The next step would be...


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