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How Is Responsibility Shown in an Inspector Calls

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An inspector calls  
 This play was typed up by smokineasy@warez-bb.org to be used for the kindle and other ereader's for people who own a hard copy of an inspector call's  
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Arthur Birling

Sible Birling – His Wife

Sheila Birling – His Daughter

 Eric Birling – His Son

Edna – The Maid

Gerald Croft.

Inspector Goole.

 All 3 acts which are continuous, take place in the dining room of the Birling's house in Brumley, an industrial city in the north Midlands.
It is an evening in spring, 1912.
The dining room is of a fairly large suburban house, belonging to a prosperous manufacturer.
It has a good solid furniture of the period.
The general effect is a substantial and heavily comfortable but not cosy and homelike. (if a realistic set is used, then it should be swung back, as it was in the production at the new theatre. By doing this, you can have the dining-table centre downstage during act one, when it is needed there, and then swinging back, can reveal the fireplace for act two, and then for act three can show a small table with a telephone on it, downstage of the fireplace; and by this time the dining-table and it chairs have moved well upstage. Producers who wish to avoid this tricky business, which involves two re-settings of the scene and some very accurate adjustments of the extra flats necessary would be well advised to dispense with an ordinary realistic set if only because the dining-table becomes a nuisance. The lighting should be pink and intimate until the INSPECTOR arrives and then it should be brighter and harder.) 
At rise of curtain, the four Birling's and...


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