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Uop Mgt 521 Week 5 Individual Knowledge Check

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1 . The control process assumes that ________.
•             A. employees require clear directions from management
•             B. employees are underqualified and require training
•             C. specific goals for performance were already created during the planning process
•             D. employee monitoring costs are part and parcel of doing business

2 . An example of control criteria that can be used in any situation is ________.
•             A. number of calls taken per day
•             B. employee satisfaction
•             C. average time to process paperwork
•             D. client requests completed per hour

3 . In reviewing the result of the control process, managers could choose to avoid taking action when ________.
•             A. an employee fails to attain the standard because of internal problems
•             B. the variance between actual performance and the standard is acceptable
•             C. performance standards are acceptable, though the employees have not attained it
•             D. the variance observed from the expected performance is caused due to unrealistic standards

17 . If a manager rationalizes that he does not have time to investigate the source of a problem and instead resorts to “putting out fires,” the manager is missing the use of ________.
•             A. bureaucratic control
•             B. immediate corrective action
•             C. basic corrective action
•             D. concurrent control

4 . Which of the following types of control prevents problems because it takes place prior to the actual activity?
•             A. Feedforward control
•             B. Concurrent control
•             C. Feedback control
•             D. Management control

5 . Management by walking around is what type of control?
•             A. Feedforward control
•             B. Concurrent control
•             C. Feedback control
•             D. Reactive control

6 . What type of control...


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