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Autobiography of a Pen Drive

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Human life has many shades, so does an incarnated inhuman life. From joy to melancholy, happiness to tragedy, love to despair and even betrayal. All shades - white, blue and grey - are witnessed in this significantly small but large life by every living and non-living matter. Some believe life is a journey full of experiences, some take it as a path of leisure and some as a means to pass it through to enter another phase of the life cycle, familiarly known as reincarnation.
My story is an account of freedom, of inbound and outbound locomotion; of a healthy trip transversely and longitudinally in a passive manner, of a tragic gait and a spell bounded viewpoint of the society, nation and globe with eyes those are unmarked. Eyes on my torso that the world cannot see, a heart with thumps that cannot be felt, feelings that not be judged, wrinkles that pass on to me with age that are rarely noticed, but apart all odds and evens I see, feel, judge and make judgments that remain buried with me within myself . I am a pen drive, regarded as one of the most useful things in modern life. I am a portable Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash memory device for storing and transferring audio, video, and data files from a computer. As long as the desktop or laptop has a USB port, and I am compatible with the operating system, with me it becomes easy to move the data from the hard drive to the device — and to another computer — in a matter of minutes.I get my name from the fact that I have a retractable port connector like a ballpoint pen, which is small enough to fit into a pocket.Computer users have come to rely on me. Whether they call me jump drive, thumb drive, pen drive or whatever, I have become an invaluable tool for storing and transporting data. No more clumsy floppy disks prone to failure. I have made them obsolete.
Who invented me is still a matter of dispute, my forefathers were developed in the mid 80’s by Toshiba, and I was developed in the late 90’s. There is still...


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